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50 Fun Things

Turning fifty, a half-century old is somewhat of a big deal, I guess. I will hit the big 5-0 in October. I have already warned The Bibbed Wonder and The Bean that I do not want a party under no uncertain terms. I have also told my bib overall wearing jokester that there had better not be a billboard or any other displays of celebration for my birthday. Eric has an uncanny ability to take absolutely horrible pictures of me. Over the years, he has acquired a horrendous collection of photos. I have given him fair warning that if there is a billboard displaying a said collection of horrible photos, I will divorce him. He says I hate paperwork and won’t do it. I dare him to test me.

Instead of throwing a party, I would like us to go away as a family for a long weekend. However, after being away for three long weekends in a row during the month of August, I think we all have had our fill of time away. Buster, my beloved Pit Bull/Mastiff mix, is still acting out from missing me. He looks sad and forlorn when I get ready to go somewhere to run errands or pick up The Bean. The goats are just now beginning to stabilize their milk production, and my hens are just starting to pick up their egg production from when we were away. Everyone is off kilter when we break from our regular routine.

I have altered my wish for a birthday celebration. Rather than go away and upset everyone, I now want to do fifty fun things during my fiftieth year. Saturday, I decided to follow through with this plan. Ligonier offers a witch’s brigade in October. One must purchase tickets in advance, and the majority of the proceeds go to a local animal shelter. Not only does one have a good time, but one also gets to support a good cause. For the witch brigade, attendees must dress up in a witch costume. Not only does one get to dress up, but one also gets to walk, ride a bike or take a shuttle to the local establishments and taste test their menu and specialty drinks. Witchy costumes, bike riding, good food, and alcohol, doesn’t that sound like fun? I messaged two of my dear friends, who are on board and willing to join me. This will be the first thing I do for my list of fifty fun things. I plan to appoint a designated driver and thoroughly enjoy myself. My dear friends Monica and Marie will make this a fun event. I can’t wait.

Yesterday, I took some time and gave some thought to the rest of my list. Although I don’t have it completed, I do have a solid list to get me started. The witch’s brigade is my first activity. I would also like to take a glass blowing class and make a glass pumpkin, learn to play the handbells, learn to make bread, and go to Falling Water, the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, and Ringing Rock State Park. I want to eat sushi, go to Oakmont Bakery, and ride in a hot air balloon. I would also like to learn to garden, grow a rose garden, learn American Sign Language, and volunteer at an animal shelter. I would like to volunteer with my bean at a food pantry. I want to take a tap dancing class or a ballroom dancing class. I would like to take a yoga class and stick with it for a year. I also want to dance under a harvest moon with my favorite farmer. I want to go to a high tea, host a dinner party, and host a tea. I also intend to do a good deed every day for my fiftieth year. These are just a few ideas I have brainstormed for my list. If you have any ideas or insights, I would love to read about them.

This, dear reader, is how I would like to celebrate my birthday. I want to give back, explore, grow, and improve. Rather than do one huge thing, I’d like to do fifty small things.

Life is short; as the years go by, it gets even shorter. We never know how long we have on this earth. I feel like we should make the best of it for ourselves and others. You can be sure, dear reader, that I will take you along for the ride. Stay safe, be smart, have fun, set goals, help out, and keep washing your hands.

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