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A Good Day

Good things come from such unexpected situations. I am always amazed at the connections I make because of goats and soap. Yesterday was one of those days when I realize that we are not alone on this journey. I often meet people, and I feel like they have been brought into my life at the right time for a purpose. I am grateful for those connections and the happiness they bring into my world. I am also appreciative of the added layer they add to my existence. Although we began our day intending to make soap...we always begin our day intending to make soap; we spent our afternoon with good people and enjoyed a wonderful visit.

A fellow goat enthusiast and soap family member came to look at our baby goats, and we had such a lovely afternoon. I don't often get one on one time with people, and I miss the interaction. We spent a few hours in the field with the goats, which is always pleasant, and we shared similar life experiences and stories. I have met people I feel such a connection with, and Dr.Rose is one of those kindred spirits. From her love of animals to her experiences as a child, she is someone with who I could spend hours in conversation. It was such a nice break from the ordinary grind. This connection is what makes what we do worthwhile. The goats are wonderful, the soap is fun, but it's the people brought into our lives that make it special.

Yesterday reminded me of what truly matters, the connection. Often, we get so caught up in tasks, deadlines, and goals that we forget about what and why we began doing what we do in the first place. Especially now, it is easy to isolate one's self from the outside world and others. We cannot lose that connection, that feeling of belonging, that warm wave of friendship. It is essential to maintain those connections to others for our well-being and the well-being of others. Today, I ask you to take the time, talk to someone, reach out to someone, maintain that connection. You will feel better, and maybe they will too. Be the reason Wednesday is a thing, go ahead, be the reason someone smiles and feels a sense of connection. Lastly, thank you, Dr. Rose, for the lovely afternoon, the insight, and the smiles. I appreciate you.

As always, dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, be the reason someone smiles, and wash your hands.

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Karen Hewitt
Karen Hewitt
21 avr. 2021

I’ve been so busy lately I need to make a connection today. Thanks for the reminder. ❤️

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