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A Good Ending

Belle the Bad Ass

Yesterday, we had two more baby goats delivered. My lovely Lily's daughter, Belle, delivered for the first time, and she did an excellent job. For as affectionate, loving, and attention-seeking as Lily is, Belle is almost feral. Belle was played with, doted upon, and one of the favorites of last year's babies. However, she wants nothing to do with human interaction. Belle cannot even be coaxed with feed to cooperate or interact with us.

Fortunately, she seems to have inherited her mother's nurturing instinct and is an attentive mom. I am not sure what will happen when it is time for her to be milked on the stand. Not only is she a wild card, but she has horns as well. This could make for an interesting and potentially painful experience. Hopefully, once she needs relief from a full udder and understands she will be well fed and groomed while on the stand, she will be more cooperative.

We have two girls who will deliver between now and June. Mama Boo, one of the original five who are near and dear to my heart, is the last to deliver in June. Tiger Lily, a brown spotted two-year-old, will deliver at the end of the month. Overall, the kidding season has gone relatively well. The girls have made it through another year of kidding, and all are healthy and well. As a caregiver, one cannot ask for more. It is a good ending to another chapter in our story.

Remember, dear reader, stay safe, be smart, look for the positives, and keep washing your hands.

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