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A Lesson In Kindness

Yesterday was a lesson in kindness. One of my dearest supporters asked if she could come to the studio to purchase ten Kindness bars. Although we are genuinely busy, we try to accommodate all requests to some degree. Miss G. arrived a little later than planned due to faulty GPS directions. I have been there and understand. I once followed my GPS directions down a logging path in mid-state West Virginia, not a pleasant experience. However, I digress.

Miss G. has some mobility issues, walks with a cane, and is an absolute delight. She made the trek from the car to the studio, all the while making friends with my big red B-dog. Once inside, she looked around and declared the studio the place where the magic happens. Although the air is filled with sparkle, due to the sprinkling of micas and it could pass for a witch’s lair with the pots and concoctions bubbling about, to me it is just home. I don’t know about magic, but we certainly enjoy what we do. I assume when people make multiple purchases, they are buying gifts for others or have a soap addiction…I support both. However, Miss G. informed me she was purchasing Kindness bars as a random act of kindness. I was very moved by her tale.

This dear woman recognizes that many commit random acts of kindness for her on a daily basis. She said that with her cane, she moves a bit more slowly and there are those who hold the door for her, carry her packages, or help her along if they see her struggling. She feels the Kindness bars are a wonderful way to pay it forward and reward kind acts. She intends to keep her Kindness bars in her car and in her coat pocket when it is coat weather, to hand out to those who need or deserve a small act of appreciation. I was so moved by her and her innate kindness. She drove out of her way, way out of her way, got lost, took the time, made the effort, and put in the care, all to pay forward kindness that may be shown to her or commit future acts of kindness should someone be in need of one. She is truly a lovely human.

This is the epitome of the Kindness bar. This is what I visualized when I created the Kindness bar. Miss G., you made a small soap makers vision come to life. Thank you.

Dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, know that kindness really does matter, and keep washing your hands…that is an act of kindness to yourself and others.

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