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A Little Bit of Ireland to Make You Smile

Today, dear reader, I am happy to share with you that our St. Patrick’s Day-inspired soaps are now online and ready to help wash away the winter doldrums. Although I love everything Irish, I create St. Patrick’s Day soaps more for my own enjoyment than anything else. This time of year is always a struggle. If the world is not blanketed in snow, it is dull grey or brown and muddy. It is easy to feel uninspired when one’s world looks so bleak. Looking back over my pictures from my trip to Ireland always puts me in a good mood and brings back happy memories. I take inspiration from these memories and use them to create my St. Patrick’s Day soaps. The most beautiful pictures I have are the rolling fields of heather. Smelling this beautiful oil takes me back to the sheep farm we toured with its rolling hills and sheep grazing amongst the heather. Although it feels as if we just announced that our Valentine’s Day soaps are ready, here we are, looking ahead to mid-March.

The Bibbed Wonder informed me yesterday that his box of Lucky Charms has a leprechaun trap on it, and we had best get with the program and release our St. Patrick’s Day soaps. If Lucky the leprechaun is promoting his big day, it is indeed time. My bib overall wearing buddy likes his Lucky Charms. It is the one cereal he will eat and not complain about eating. Actually, it is the one cereal he asks for by name. The little grocery store where I do my weekly shopping did not have Lucky Charms in stock. I made the mistake of bringing home the off-brand equivalent. When The Bibbed Wonder saw that I had substituted his Lucky Charms for what he referred to as “Fortunate Trinkets,” he was outraged. I’m pretty sure if he had not seen the box, he would not have known the difference. However, each time I go to the store, he instructs me not to bring home “Fortunate Trinkets.” Sigh. I suppose there is no substitute for quality.

Speaking of quality, we have once again created two beautiful, luxurious soaps for the lucky day. It is back again and ready to go for those of you who fell in love with the Irish Heather. This soap is a pure, simple floral that smells exactly like the Irish fields. Although I can’t adequately depict the beauty of fields of heather blowing in a brisk Irish breeze, I tried my best. I feel that if you love lilac, you will be enamored with Irish Heather. Personally, I am not a floral lover, but this soap is a rare and treasured treat for me once a year.

Also, this year, I tried to create something for the Irishman or “the-want-to-be-Irishman.” Every once in a while, the lovely little oil company I work with shares little gems of the perfumery world. This year, they shared the blend for a very upscale, high-end men’s cologne. Perhaps you are familiar with The House of Creed? They have a cologne called Green Irish Tweed, and it is divine. I just had to share it with you. Thus, my inspiration for my soap and moisturizer Irish Tweed. It’s more complex than I usually create, but it is truly lovely. Eric smells amazing when he showers with this and uses the moisturizer on his bald little head. I highly recommend it.

Whether you love all things Irish, celebrate your Irish lineage, or just need a small pick-me-up to brighten your day, our St. Patrick’s Day soaps are ready for you to enjoy. I hope they make you smile. As always, dear reader, stay safe, be smart, may you catch a lucky leprechaun, and keep washing those hands.

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