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A New Adventure

Today is going to be a new adventure for The Smiling Goat Soap Company. We will be attending the Murrysville Farmer’s Market as a vendor for the first time today. We have heard wonderful things about this market and are excited to participate. I always approach new venues with apprehension and a bit of distrust. We have been bamboozled in the past by venues who simply fudge their numbers and are less than forthcoming about audience attendance. My very first show was a local show who sent out invitations and a list of facts as to why it would be in my best interest to participate. After that experience, I almost stopped before I got started. I am always grateful and appreciative of The Ligonier Country Market and it’s directors, vendors, and audience. To be honest, they spoil me and make it difficult for other venues. Keep up the good work Ligonier. The fact that vendors and directors from Ligonier recommend Murrysville puts my mind at ease.

Today is filled with excitement, anticipation and a bit of anxiety. The unknown is always a bit stressful. We will leave home and arrive at a ridiculously early time to make sure we can find it, get set up and be ready at least half an hour before the opening. I am assuming, all Covid-19 protections are in place and plan to follow protocol. Covid-19 continues to alter our lives and our landscape. This virus thing is becoming quite annoying. However, I will go with the positive and just be happy I am able to participate in any markets at all this year.

We are greatly looking forward to our new adventure and are hoping for a good day. The weather is going to be lovely, we will be introduced to a new audience, and we are able to share our story and our products with others. This will make our third market for the season, so we are going to be busy. However, busy is a good thing.

Enjoy your day dear reader, send us good vibes if you are so inclined and remember to continue with the protocol of staying safe, staying smart and continuing to wash your hands.

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