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A Weekend of Gratitude

This past weekend was swelteringly hot. However, that didn’t deter us from not only attending the Ligonier Country Market, but also hosting a small, low key farm pick up and shopping experience. We are always in awe of the support, positivity, and good will we experience from our customers, who we consider our soap family. It was indeed a hot one but it is always well worth it when we are able to meet, speak with, and enjoy our soap family face to face.

I must be honest, person to person events are exhausting. On Saturdays, we are up at the uncivilized hour of 2:30 a.m. Barn chores have to be completed, the check list has to be reviewed, and we have to make ourselves somewhat presentable for the public. No one wants to buy soap from the stinky soap people. We also travel just a little over an hour to Ligonier. I like to have ample time to set up but at this point, we have a system in place and it usually goes somewhat smoothly. The main hold up is we can’t refrain from socializing with our friends and other vendors. The socializing makes the effort we put forth worthwhile.

It is the socializing that makes what we do enjoyable. I find that even after week six, we continue to be excited about market and look forward to it all week. Our summers feel like they revolve around market but we can honestly say, we enjoy our job. We have a small circle of regulars we look forward to every week. These lovely individuals have become friends and if we are not informed the week before that they will not be attending the market we are concerned and often I send a text to check that all is well. It is truly the people that make what we do worthwhile.

We cannot express our gratitude for the local support, well wishes, and positive feedback we have received. Farm pick up is always a wonderful opportunity to connect with those who usually do online orders, shop at our local wholesale venues, or are new to our story. On Sunday, we got to see some friendly familiar faces which was so enjoyable, we made some new friends, and we shared a few laughs. Although it was just us, with no upcoming holidays near, we were thrilled at the outpouring of support. With the sun hanging high, the heat index rocketing, and a warm breeze blowing, sitting in the side yard under a tent talking goats, soap, and all things of interest was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday. Again, it is the people who make what we do worthwhile and rewarding.

This year has looked almost foreign to us all and unfortunately, I don’t think we are out of the woods yet. We watch the numbers of those who become ill climb and the almost daily changes to what is acceptable and we just try to take it in stride. Events that we have looked forward to in the past are either cancelled or altered…mostly cancelled. The Ligonier Christmas Market, which is always held the Friday after Thanksgiving has been rescheduled. The directors of the market have decided to have it on October 17th at the Watershed Park where the weekly market is held. We are a bit apprehensive for Christmas shopping in October but again, we just try to take it in stride. I am sure, no matter the outcome, we will be thrilled to see our soap family and have an opportunity to share our products, see well loved faces, and put smiles on new faces…that is mainly the job of my bean…that kid could make the devil himself smile.

We thank all of you who support our little farm-based business by using our products, sharing your experience, following us on social media, and attending our events. Please know that what you do for us does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. We will try to repay you with outstanding service, wonderful products, and always gratitude. I hope your weekend was as enjoyable as ours.

As always dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, know you are greatly appreciated, and please keep washing your hands.

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