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Ace, You're Not The Father

Well, dear reader, baby season is officially underway here on the farm. Little Aggie was born last week. Brown-Brown (I know, such an original name) gave birth to two spotted black and white little girls over the weekend. Cocoa-Loco gave birth to two mostly solid black twins yesterday. I must admit, I am quite smitten with little Aggie. She is very friendly and outgoing for a single, non-bottle baby. Of course, all the babies are adorable and special in their own way. Thus far, we have not had a baby born to our new Nubian billy goat, Ace.

We were hoping Cindy Crawford had a successful rendezvous with Ace. However, poor little Acers seemed quite befuddled about what his job description actually entailed. After ten minutes or so of humping all the wrong parts of Cindy Crawford, he leaped over the stall and hid behind me in fear. If he could have spoken, I'm certain he would have said, "Mom, please don't make me go back in there!"

Cindy Crawford created a lot of trouble and drama during mating season. Several little boys were so flustered that they broke through the electric fence. We had three or four horny little devils running up and down the driveway, trying to figure out how to get in with Cindy. Finally, we gave up and took Cindy over to the boy's side to keep the peace and keep everyone safe. For three days, a love fest was happening in the pasture across the driveway, making Woodstock seem like a children's carnival. Sigh. Only two of our boys can do anything about their romantic feelings. Ace and Ollie received Cindy's affection, and we kept our fingers crossed that Ace would be the baby daddy.

Last week, the mystery was solved. When Cindy Crawford delivered little Aggie, it was apparent Ace was not the baby daddy. Full-blooded Nubian babies are long, lanky, and lean. Nubian-Boer cross babies are chunky little meatballs. Cute little Aggie is a chunky little meatball. Ollie obviously has the more robust, agile "swimmers" between the two bucks. Although we were disappointed not to have a full-blooded Nubian baby from Cindy, we are quite pleased with our dear little chunky meatball, Aggie.

The Bibbed Wonder finally got to make the birth announcement. He has been practicing in his best Maury Povich voice for months. When my innocent little Ace stuck his curious little head over the stall door, The Bibbed Wonder announced, "Ace, in the case of two-hour-old Aggie, you are not the father!" Sigh, there are a lot of shenanigans that go on here. Seriously, the man is exhausting.

To date, aside from Cindy Crawford, only the Boer girls have given birth. The Boer girls all spent their time with Ollie, our Boer buck. Later this week, Tiger Lilly is scheduled to deliver. She will be the first Nubian doe to spend her time exclusively with Ace. I am excited to see what my sweet little buck's offspring will look like. Baby season is better than Christmas! It's full of happy surprises and gifts that keep giving. If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you will be the first to see the new baby pictures.

On this foggy Wednesday morning, stay safe and be smart. We'll keep you updated about all the new babies, send out good vibes for a healthy and successful kidding season, and keep washing your hands.

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