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Advice From My Younger Self to My Bean

The Bean is reading Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry. I love what a reader she has become. She read an excerpt from the novel in cyber school and asked for the book. Being a former English teacher, I had this novel in my arsenal. There is a scene in the story when Cassie's father gives her advice on dealing with a girl in her class. Being the old soul and deep thinker she is, the Bean asked if I had any advice for her. I asked her to allow me some time to think about that. My little buddy is visiting with her GramBarb, so I actually have some time to think... a breath of relief. Some of my advice would be as follows:

1. I admire Jordan's ability to be so comfortable with who she is and who she is becoming. I don't believe I had that quality until I was much, much older. My advice would be to nurture that ability. She is comfortable walking her own path. Never lose that or her sense of self.

2. Wear Sunscreen. I know it sounds petty, but today I wish I had worn sunscreen. We both have very fair complexions. Thirty years later, my skin is showing my devil may care attitude toward sunscreen.

3. Your body is your temple. You are the priestess. You decide your days of worship. You decide your congregation. You decide to build and strengthen your temple. Lock your doors! There are those who will desecrate what is holy.

4. Don't live in fear. Don't live in What If Land. Take that trip. Nurture your big idea. We are merely tourists here for a very short time. Do and see everything you can before your stay here is over.

5. Walk in empathy. Remember, one never knows what another is dealing with in life. Be kind before you pass judgment.

6. Work hard. Nothing will come to you if you imagine it. You are in charge of building your own destiny.

7. Get an education. Go to school, get a job, live on your own, be confident you can stand on your own two feet. When push comes to shove, know you can take care of yourself.

8. Enjoy the little moments. Going for that walk, baking cookies, a good conversation, a great book, a delicious meal, a funny story.

9. Trust your gut. Your person, energy, intuition, whatever you call it, pick up on others' vibrations and situations. If it feels wrong, trust that and separate yourself.

10. Look for a partner in life. Find someone who will walk beside you, not in front of you, not behind you. You want someone who will carry their own weight, make you laugh, and balance your weakness and your strength. Look for the Eric's in this world.

Those are the first ten things that came to mind. Being excessively wordy, I have many more tidbits I will share with my bean. However, dear reader, you and I both know she will forge her own path. Experience cannot be replaced by reading or listening. It will be hard to watch, but my bean will struggle, she will trip, she will fall. I just hope she can pick herself up, dust herself off, and carry on with few injuries and scars. If I were a betting woman, all my money would be on the success of this kid.

Dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, take your own advice, and wash your hands.

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