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There are days when I receive affirmation that what I am doing is worthwhile and has a purpose. When I was teaching, I often felt that what I was doing served a purpose and held meaning. When I spent my days caring for Jordan, I knew what I was doing held purpose and meaning. Now that I am making soap, there are times I feel like I am missing that purpose and meaning. We spend more time alone in the studio than interacting with people, I think that is the difference. However, there are those I meet and I know this too holds meaning and purpose.

A lovely woman messaged me and asked if she could stop by the farm to pick up an order. We agreed on a day and time, packed up her order, and went about our business of making lotion. In the interim, she sent us a message which included pictures of her daughter’s feet. Her message read her little one suffers from eczema on her feet and she has had a terrible time finding anything that helps. She has been to doctors and dermatologists, had prescription creams, and tried to find over the counter moisturizers that do not include alcohol but nothing seems to help. However, she tried our moisturizer and within a few days her little one’s feet were looking and feeling better. She sent us pictures of the before and after and the results are incredible.

I cannot, nor do I make medical claims about the effectiveness of my products. I do however believe that natural products without chemicals, byproducts, or harsh ingredients can have a huge impact on the care and improvement of our skin and some conditions. After speaking with this wonderful mom, it is agreed that some products work well for some individuals but will not work for all. It is a matter of trying to find the correct fit for your particular situation. I feel grateful and appreciative that our moisturizer is the correct fit to help her little one.

Once our visit was over, The Bibbed Wonder and I discussed how good we feel knowing our products are helpful and offer relief to people. There are days we question our sanity, our choice to do this full time, and our abilities. This was the affirmation we needed to keep us focused and moving forward with our vision. To that lovely, caring mama, thank you for sharing your story. We appreciate you.

As always dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, stay positive, and wash your hands.

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