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All the Feels

Four gorgeous people, inside and out

Welcome to Monday’s blog. I am late posting because The Bean has a theatre camp this week. I will make every effort to write the night before and schedule the blog posts for the morning so as not to disrupt your schedule. I hope you had a lovely weekend, dear reader. Our weekend was filled with excitement and new experiences. We felt all the feels this weekend. Eric and Jordan went to Ligonier Country Market on Saturday. They had a wonderful day. Despite what my charming little bald man may have told you, I did not leave and never come back. I also was not passed out or intoxicated anywhere, and I did not get arrested for breaking my parole and ending up in prison. Sigh. He is challenging to stay ahead of sometimes, and he definitely tries my patience. The truth is, I am having a mild flare of whatever I have going on and didn’t feel well enough to attend. After a visit to my GP, I am beginning a protocol of steroids and will feel like the Incredible Hulk in a matter of days. Sigh, I wish I could live on steroids.

Anyhow, despite not feeling well, we had a good weekend. We made a brief appearance at our dear friend’s wedding. It was a beautiful reception filled with good people, fantastic food, a lot of love, and unique entertainment. Although I was not feeling like myself, I was able to laugh and share a lovely evening with dear friends. My darling wonder buns has been friends with the bride since preschool. It will not shock anyone who knows him that his friends are as funny, fun-loving, and unique as he. The entertainment for the evening was a drag queen show. I must say, I have not laughed so hard in a very long time. The show was absolutely amazing. The performers were a class act, very professional, and everyone was made to feel comfortable and included. My bean and Jenna had a blast, and my darling husband, who had never experienced a drag show before, sat and giggled like a child at the jokes and antics. The talent, work, energy, and hutzpah the performers put into their acts were admirable. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and are grateful to be included in such a special day. We wish that Leanne and Christina experience as much love, fun, laughter, contentment, and acceptance as Eric and I have in the last twenty years. Life is good.

The drag queens that put on the show at the wedding are remarkable people. They commit to hours of hard work, travel, and sometimes adversity to raise money for communities all over the region. They commit to charity work and offer a message of love, peace, and acceptance for all. There is no room in their world for hate, disrespect, bullying, or unkindness. Indeed, it was fun and entertaining, but it was also eye-opening. To the Alleghany Drag All Stars, keep sharing your love and light and doing the work of goodness.

The icing on the cake for a good evening was coming home to Dot, our beautiful spotted goat, who had given birth to four little girls, all spotted, beautiful and healthy. The Bean and I named our gorgeous little girls after the four drag queens at the wedding reception. We welcome Shantay, Ebony Star, Uma, and Divinity to our farm family. It was a perfect ending to a perfect day.

On this beautiful rain-filled Monday, stay safe, be smart, appreciate the good people in your life, feel all the feels, and keep washing your hands.

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I love every single one of your blogs, but as the mother of a gay son, this is by far my very favorite one! I will never understand people’s hatred against others!

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