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An Amazing Day

I can't remember the last time I had such a good day. Yesterday was spent with good friends, exploring new places, having fun experiences, watching unique live theater, and enjoying the sights. Jordan and I were graciously invited to join our friends, Janet and Abby, for a day in Pittsburgh. I was able to cross off a few fun things from my list, like the Oakmont Bakery, Noodles & Co., and a wonderful musical theater performance. Traveling with Janet was like having a tour of the city with a capable and accommodating tour guide. We explored the theater district, Oakmont, and Market Square. It was a relaxing, fun-filled day, and I am so happy I went.

Oakmont Bakery is phenomenal. Seriously, the hype is real. At one point, I looked at Abby and said, "I think I've died and gone to heaven." I came home with Everything Bread and pepperoni rolls for Eric. I got a chocolate éclair, a fruit tart, and tiramisu dolce. My bean ordered a chocolate croissant, a chocolate chip cookie, and a peanut butter cup cupcake. All were decadent. Janet pointed out a cool bookstore, Mystery Lovers, which is now on my list of places to visit, and a few other restaurants that need to be explored. We then traveled through various small neighborhoods that were charming and interesting to the theater district.

Once there, we walked to Market Square for dinner at Noodles and Co. It, too, did not disappoint. The food was good, but our server was delightful. Everyone we encountered yesterday was so friendly and helpful. It was simply a wonderful day. We returned to the Benedum Theater from Market Square to enjoy the Once On This Island musical. I was not familiar with the play, but it did not disappoint. First, it was at the Benedum. The theater alone is worth the trip. It's gorgeous. Secondly, the atmosphere was so fun. There was a live Calypso band playing in the lobby. Lastly, the play, the actors, the set, the costumes, the music, and the choreography were AMAZING. I genuinely enjoyed it and would highly recommend making an effort to see it. The play was ninety minutes long with no intermission, and it flew by. I loved it.

Spending the day with Janet and Abby was the best part. I love that Abby takes an interest in Jordan. She is an excellent role model that gives my girl a glimpse of all that life has to offer: college, musical theater, leading with heart, kindness, music, making good choices, and having fun. Abby is sunshine. Janet is quite possibly the most calm, cool, and collected woman I have had the pleasure to meet. Abby is a reflection of all the goodness in Janet. I consider these two amazing women part of my circle. My circle is small; I don't make that statement lightly.

Thank you, Janet and Abby, for including us on such a special day. Thank you for going out of your way to help me check off some things on my list. Most of all, thank you for being extraordinary humans and making time for us. Life is indeed good, dear reader.

On this overcast day, stay safe, be smart, appreciate the amazing people in your life, enjoy life, and keep washing your hands.

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