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Bad Jokes, Great Soap, Pumpkin Recycling, and a Healthy Distraction from the Chaos

We have made it through another week. Friday is upon us, the weather is unseasonably warm and gorgeous, and we fully intend to take advantage of this small gift of good weather. Usually, we have several open house events or shop the farm events throughout the year. Due to Covid-19, The Bean's asthma, and the year's uncertainty, we were unable to do this. However, with this small gift of good weather, we are taking the opportunity to have an outdoor pop-up shopping day. Although it is impromptu, we feel as though we need to give our soap family as many opportunities as possible to actually see, touch, and smell our soaps and moisturizers. This is especially important with the holidays coming up.

The Bibbed Wonder being the inventive thinker that he is also giving people an opportunity to rid themselves of their holiday pumpkins. Visitors are welcome to bring their unwanted pumpkins to the farm and launch them into the pig's pasture, and some can go to my lovely ladies and Abu as well. We have to be careful how much pumpkin the girls ingest because they can bloat and become ill if given too much of a good thing. I'm not sure where the stereotype began that a goat can/will eat anything. My herd can be snack snobs, and most have a discerning palate...except Lily, she will eat herself sick on almost anything. Pumpkin is actually supposed to improve the reproductive organs for goats, and rumor has it, it will make a billy goat throw more female offspring. I'm not sure of the science behind that theory, but I have read about it. I feel it's worth a try; natural pumpkin snacks can't be a bad thing if taken in moderation.

Now the pigs can eat all the pumpkin they like. Eric being the jokester that he is, says it will give people an opportunity to see their pumpkins turned into bacon. I spend a lot of time rolling my eyes, but he really is clever and funny. When the pigs tire of eating pumpkins, they roll them about the pasture and try to take the pumpkins away from each other. It's like a game of porcine soccer with a lot of fouls and squealing. I have two special little girls I am trying to convince The Bibbed Wonder to keep. I have named them Lucy and Ethel; they are delightful. Lucy climbs your leg like a dog asking for attention. Ethel flops over to get belly scratches as soon as she sees her humans. Although we do not need anymore sows on our farm, these two little girls are endearing. If you are in the market for sweet, friendly mama pigs who will supply you with adorable little pigs AND can provide a good, lifelong home, I have two sweeties for you...insert wink.

If you are looking for a fun way to spend a Saturday, please feel welcome to come and see us. We will be set up from 10-2 just off our driveway, in view of the barn, the pigs, and the goats. If you have a plethora of unwanted pumpkins and are interested in using them for good, bring them along and watch our porcine playmates have a field day with them...get it field day...they are in a pasture...field. It's not funny if I have to explain it...says one small, blue-eyed tyrant. Anyhow, be prepared for bad jokes, great soap, and a fun pick-up game of piggy soccer.

As always, dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, look for fun, healthy distractions from the chaos, come see us on Saturday, and then go home and wash your hands with some fun, festive soap.

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