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Beauty in the Everyday

I was going to write a post about a soap-related topic today; however, after last night, I just had to share my experience with you. Wednesdays, The Bean is busy with extracurricular activities. We spend hours in Indiana while she is doing her thing. Often, I take Wednesday evenings and run errands, do the weekly grocery shopping, and take some time to roam T.J. Maxx alone without time constraints. I am preparing to do a minor renovation on our downstairs bath, so I went to Lowe’s to explore my options for lighting, pick out paint, and buy cleaning supplies.

Imagine my surprise when I got out of my car in Lowe’s parking lot and heard the most beautiful violin music. I looked around for the source of this beautiful and haunting music. I saw men of all ages and sizes loading building materials into various vehicles. Initially, I thought the music was coming from an old beat-up pickup truck with its doors hanging open and a small army of burly men loading lumber into its bed. My thought was, what unusual music for these men to be listening to and blasting from the speakers of their truck. I kept looking over my shoulder at them as I walked to the store entrance.

However, as I was gawking at these men and their load of lumber, a large van pulled out and revealed a woman standing alone in the parking lot with an amplifer, playing the most beautiful violin music I think I have ever heard. I was awestruck, dear reader. I stood for at least thirty seconds with my mouth hanging open, staring in disbelief at what I was seeing. I was not the only one in awe of this woman’s talent.

I stood and watched her for a while, and what struck me was her passion and evident love for the music and her violin. She was enraptured with the music; one could witness it by watching her play. She was playing newer popular music by Adele and Ed Sheeran. If you are a fan of Bridgerton, it sounded like the music playing during the ball scenes on the show. To say it was beautiful is an understatement.

Dear reader, I was so moved by the beauty of the moment, this woman’s talent, and the passion of her playing I had tears in my eyes. Yes, I weep easily, it’s true, but this stark contrast of a busy parking lot filled with such beautiful music was moving. Not only was the music beautiful, but the fact that this woman was putting herself out there for all to see and her passion was simply moving.

I saw she had a sign attached to her amplifier, and I tentatively walked over to investigate. She had a small plastic container sitting at her feet, with a sign that read: Any donations are appreciated. Everything you give will help me to pay my rent, buy food and help with childcare. Not only did the music move me, but her simple (what I am assuming to be) honest sign also moved me. Here is a woman doing whatever she can to improve her situation. She took her God-given talent and put herself out there to improve her condition and bring a tiny spark of beauty to an ordinary day. I was mesmerized.

As I watched, the burly men loading lumber into the back of that beat-up pickup truck filed over one by one and tucked bills into her donation bucket. They smiled at her and told her, “thank you.” She never missed a note; she simply smiled, nodded, and mouthed, “God bless you.” The men tucked their heads and wandered back to their truck, where they stood for several minutes watching this beautiful impromptu concert.

As I stood by the store entrance watching this talented woman and the people in the parking lot, I noticed I was not alone in awe. People were sitting in their cars with their windows down everywhere I looked, listening to the beautiful melody. Men and women hurrying to complete their tasks and get home paused for a few minutes to take in the music and the moment. Cars pulled up next to the young woman and dropped off donations. People walked across the parking lot to tuck in a few bills and stop to listen for just a moment.

The musician was the epitome of professionalism and gratitude. She acknowledged every person who approached her, but she continued to play uninterrupted. I could have stood there and listened to her play all night. I reluctantly went into the store, got what I needed, and returned, hoping she was still playing. I was not disappointed. I sat in my car for another fifteen minutes listening to her play and watching the music’s effect on the people in the parking lot. Time and time again, I saw individuals walk out of their way to support this woman and enjoy her talent. Almost everyone I saw expressed their gratitude for what she was doing. That alone was beautiful.

I might be wrong or overly romantic, but I view this small act of sharing and the bright spark of beauty as a small miracle. To find such a moment of beauty and talent in an everyday situation in the center of a parking lot and realize the effects beauty and music have on all of us was a little miracle right in the middle of an average day. I love that the musician was not only sharing her talent in an unusual way but she was using her talent to improve her living situation. Kudos to her for putting herself out there and sharing the beauty God has given her.

That small spark of beauty made my night, and I just had to share it with you, my dear reader. Attached is just a brief clip of her playing. My amateur video does not do her or her talent justice. On this beautiful November day, stay safe, be smart, appreciate the beauty of the moment, recognize the small miracles in everyday life, and keep washing your hands.

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03 nov. 2022

Angels are amongst us!😇😇😇

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