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Being Part of the Positive

It is once again Monday and I face the week with anticipation for all that needs to be taken care of both in the studio and on the farm. We are coming off a wonderful weekend. While market season is ongoing, we often don’t have time or are too exhausted to really do much in way of entertainment. We took advantage of the season and now more relaxed schedule this weekend. It felt good to participate in a few “normal” activities.

Friday night, we attended a play performed by our local home school consortium. We were so impressed by the talent, artistry, and professionalism displayed by these young people, their families, and the community. It was clear a lot of time, effort, and attention to detail went in to this production. Not only was it an entertaining musical, it had a wonderful and relevant message. We are so grateful to be invited to share in such a wonderful activity. A true local gem was revealed to us. Thank you to our friends who thought enough of us to invite us to share in this.

Saturday night, The Bean and I took a cookie decorating class at a local bakery, Cake Shotts. We not only learned some new techniques to make beautiful cookies…which I hope to apply to soap making…but we spent a fun evening together supporting a local women’s shelter who has helped so many in our area. It amazes me what an individual is able to accomplish but even more inspiring when a community comes together. Thank you, Jessica from Cake Shotts, for opening your doors to us, sharing your talent, and being brave enough to share your story. We appreciate you.

Our last activity was our neighborhood hayride and trick or treat. There was question as to whether is could or should occur this year considering all things Covid-19. However, our wonderful neighbors were able to create safe and fun events all the while keeping traditions alive. We were able to see faces we haven’t seen for quite some time, have fun with our children, and celebrate the traditions of childhood. The Beans friend who lives in town, recognized and admired the sense of community and willingness to work together for the neighborhood children. Not only was I impressed a 12-year-old observed and appreciated this, I was grateful she could share in these events.

We had a wonderful and fulfilling weekend. I am grateful for the good people in our lives who are willing to go the extra mile for their neighbors. It was just what I needed to pull me out of my dissent into exhaustion and annoyance with all the virus ongoings and political nonsense. I have decided to swear off the news for the week and concentrate on the positivity and goodness that often gets lost in the clamor of unprecedented this, and notorious that. I’m going to spend my energy looking for the good, finding the helpers, and working to be part of the positivity.

As always dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, be part of the positive, and of course wash your hands.

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