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Being Patient Is Difficult

My bib overall wearing buddy and I are struggling. Ever since we created what we consider a good quality foaming hand soap, we have been working on creating a body wash. From all we’ve read, it should be as simple as taking the soap paste we created for the hand soap, adjusting the water to soap ratio, and Voila! a good quality, thick, rich body wash. Well, dear reader, that is not the direction this has taken.

The Bibbed Wonder has taken the lead on this little project. Every time the poor man thinks he has created something passable, it turns out to be a letdown. We have a very clear idea of what we want our body wash to look like and how it feels. It needs to be thick, rich, hold its shape on a bath poofy, create a dense moisturizing lather and make one feel clean and moisturized. Eric has created several batches that accomplish one or two of those goals but not the whole package.

I believe we envision the bubbles a commercially created body wash lathers into, which is not realistic for our natural products. I have studied the ingredients for body wash; I’ve even looked at what we consider our main competition for goat’s milk soap; you probably know who I mean. Even the big natural goat’s milk soap makers use ingredients I am reluctant to use. There are ingredients called surfactants. A surfactant’s job is to create stable foam. There are natural surfactants on the market. My hope was to create a simple, clean product with as few ingredients as possible. I believe I am going to have to break into a new area of components and do some serious research. I have a sneaking suspicion we won’t be able to achieve the outcome we want without using some new ingredients. That makes me nervous.

Initially, I had hoped to have our body wash created, perfected, and ready to share by May 21st, the market’s opening day. I don’t believe at this point that idea is reasonable. I would rather take my time, have something I am confident with, believe in, and am proud to put our name on before cranking out a rushed product. Please be patient; my body wash fans, I promise it is coming. It is just going to take longer than I imagined.

Eric and I thank you all for your patience, support, encouragement, and trust. You have my word; we won’t let you down. On this lovely Friday, stay safe, be smart, be patient, and keep washing your hands

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1 Comment

Apr 08, 2022

We wish you all the luck you could need! And we are so grateful for your commitment to making limited ingredient, safe and clean products! I have looked at ingredients from some other "all natural" products and they have way more ingredients, things I can't pronounce, and I don't trust those other products! So glad to have you! Have a most fantastic weekend!

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