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Blessings and Goodwill

Blessings and goodwill surround us if we just know where to look. This year has been filled with uncertainty, anxiety, and a roller coaster ride of happenings and emotions. I have been quite honest in my writings about the changes that occur almost daily with how the year's happenings have affected me. I feel as though I go from blah, to hopeful, to anxious several times a day. However, once I take the time to pause, breathe, and refocus, the blessings surrounding me are abundant and overflow. I will recount the happenings of the past several days and share with you my blessings.

I wrote that my darling, Big Red, had quadruplets. Sadly, Suzy Snowflake did not make it. Eric did his nightly barn check; Suzy and her brothers were doing well. Everyone was eating; no one had signs of distress or diarrhea, which is often a symptom of distress. However, the next morning The Bibbed Wonder went out a mere six hours later, and she had passed away. It looked as though her mama had squashed her. However, we can't be sure. Losing Suzy is not a blessing, but we have three beautiful, healthy bucklings that will make wonderful herd sires or lovely pets for someone. My big red goat, who is my favorite, is safe and well. For that, I am grateful.

A few nights later, I had a five-hour conversation with a former classmate that I haven't spoken to in almost thirty years. This beautiful soul has faced a tough few years and was feeling the effects. I have seen her posts on Facebook, messaged her, and on a whim sent her a care package. She could have just messaged me, but she took the time and cared enough to call me and tell me she received her package. We reconnected in a way we could have never connected via computer or text. It was wonderful to hear her voice, be an ear to listen, and discuss what has been going on in our lives since we last saw each other. That human connection is a blessing.

On Christmas Eve, Alice, one of Jordan's Boer does, gave birth to three little girls. Each one is more beautiful than the last...even their spots have spots. We named the little ones accordingly; Noel, Merribelle, and Hollyberry. Alice is a wonderful mother who is making more than enough milk to support all three. Eric is a bit concerned about the last one born, so he is supplementing her with bottle feeding just to be safe. We are now an even number of males to females. My big girls are all healthy and thriving. One could not ask for more at the onset of kidding season. For this, I am grateful.

Although the Christmas season started a bit rough, we had a wonderful Christmas with Jordan. She was up at four, was as patient as could be while her dad did the barn chores, and was delightful to watch opening her gifts. She was as excited to give gifts as she was to receive. I believe my girl is an old soul and wise beyond her years. She seems to have a grasp on understanding the workings of the universe that I can only hope to achieve. The fact that I get to be her mom is the greatest gift of all. Knowing that her birth mother could have chosen so many others but chose me is not wasted on me. For this, I am truly blessed.

There have been so many who have reached out to us with kind messages, well wishes, or gestures of goodwill and appreciation I am bowled over. Please know your kindness makes a difference. The fact that you take the time, make the effort, and extend the gesture makes a difference in our little world. These times are indeed uncertain and nerve-wracking, but it is the smallest gesture that quiets the fears, calms the nerves, and brightens the heart. The greatest gift this year could not be wrapped up in paper and bows and placed under the tree. It is all the kindness, the generosity, the genuine caring, and support that made this Christmas special.

Dear reader, I hope your Christmas was filled with blessings. I hope you feel the gratitude and appreciation that you evoke in us, and I hope your new year is overflowing with goodwill. As always, stay safe, stay smart, look for the blessings, and wash your hands.

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