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Calm, Cool, & Collected

This weekend is the unofficial kick-off to summer, and to celebrate, we are releasing our latest creation, Calm, Cool, & Collected. This soap is the perfect soap for summer. It is soft enough to appeal to the feminine audience but cool enough to appeal to the men. Calm, Cool, & Collected is a blend of sandalwood, amber, and musk. It is rich, a bit earthy, with a soft edge. The appearance is a lovely blue, the color of a calm lake in a light grey base. Of course, there has to be glitter involved because, as a very wise twelve-year-old told me, "everything is better with glitter."

As with all our seasonal soaps, we have included Tussah silk fibers for a silky smooth lather. This beautiful soap will not disappoint with its beautiful fragrance and luxurious lather. We have also created a moisturizer to coordinate with the soap for those who like to layer their fragrance. I am always excited about new products, and I am thrilled with this soap and moisturizer's lovely appearance and beautiful scent.

We will have our new swag bags at The Ligonier Country Market on Saturday. The weather isn't supposed to be the greatest, but hopefully, the rain will break long enough for the market. Our new soap, moisturizer, and tote bags will be ready and waiting if you decide to brave the weather and join us at the market. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the unofficial start to summer. As always, stay safe, be smart; we hope to see you at the market and wash your hands.

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Everything IS better with glitter!

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