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Celebrating Good People

Happy Monday, dear reader. I hope you enjoyed your weekend and were able to enjoy yourself. I had an extra special weekend. Not only did The Bibbed Wonder and The Bean make my Mother’s Day extra special, but I got to take part in a special day for one of my favorite people. Our friend, Jenna, daughter of one soap rocking superstar, Wendi, graduated from Penn State yesterday. We were invited to join Jenna’s family in attending her graduation. I was honored to participate.

Jenna helped us out in the soap studio over the summer. We were fortunate to have such a capable, hard-working, competent helper. There was no task Jenna wasn’t willing to take on. Jenna knocked it out of the park from measuring, boxing, packing, taking photos, and social media. She was a huge help and a real asset. Jenna has a fantastic work ethic and puts 110% into everything she does. Eric and I were sad to see her go back to school. We walked around for months saying, “I miss Jenna!” every time we got busy or overwhelmed. Although we hated to lose her, we knew great things were awaiting her, and she was on her own path. We are blessed to be a small part of her journey.

Yesterday, Jenna completed a chapter of her journey, and we got to witness it. Both The Bibbed Wonder and I graduated from IUP. Similarly, neither of us participated in our college graduation ceremonies. That is a decision a small part of me regrets now. Jenna’s graduation was filled with ritual, tradition, and some fun. I was happy to be in the audience, but I was also delighted my bean got to observe a college graduation. I feel that every exposure to higher education, events that support it, and opportunities to normalize higher education and make it feel accessible are essential for a child’s future plans. I also think it’s important for Jordan to have positive female role models in her life. Spending time with Jenna, soaking up all her positive energy, work ethic, and intelligence has positively impacted my girl. She has someone to talk to, look up to, and call a friend.

I’m not sure where my bean’s path will lead; right now, she thinks she wants to be a dermatologist, but I want her to feel like the world is hers to explore and to dream big. It was wonderful to see part of Jenna’s dream come to fruition. Celebrating Jenna’s achievements made my Mother’s Day that much more special. I am grateful to have such amazing, good-hearted, hard-working people in my world. The Strittmatter’s are examples of how strangers become friends and friends become family. I spent my day feeling very blessed.

I hope, dear reader, you are able to recognize all the blessings in your life, for they are many. As always, stay safe, be smart, celebrate the good people in your world, and keep washing your hands.

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