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It feels like we have jumped from early spring right into mid-August. Here in Southwestern Pennsylvania, it will reach 85+ degrees today. It quite literally feels like summer in both weather and mindset. My little bean is slogging out her last full day of school today. She has a half day tomorrow, and we are currently negotiating the necessity of attending said half day. Her BFF will be on her way to the beach, and The Bean sees no reason to attend a half day that “will be a waste of time” without her best friend.

As a former teacher, I know this week has been a time filler. Teachers are finishing up their housekeeping for the year, trying to get grades completed, and silently willing the year to end without any drama. The Bean spent the last two evenings lamenting about having to watch “old” movies and being forced to play baseball. I get it, kiddo; I really do. However, there is a level of commitment to completing things we don’t want to complete and saying goodbye to the year. Also, she missed a lot of school due to illness and doesn’t need another absence on her record.

We have already taken on our summer mindset here in the Smay household. Last night I didn’t fuss about bedtime. We stayed outside until after dark, sitting on the porch or working in the soap studio without worrying about getting ready for school the next day. I didn’t make The Bean pack her backpack for the next day. She threw together an outfit, cleaned her backpack, made sure she knew where her shoes were, and ate a Swiss Roll for breakfast. We are in coast mode. I have to hear at least five times a day, “I’m SO EXCITED for SUMMER!” I am, too, Beaner, I am too.

I enjoy the relaxed schedule of summer. I love having my child home all day…mostly. I have jokingly said to our friend Jenna on more than one occasion, “Why don’t you take a fourteen-year-old for a few days? It will do you good.” Jenna fails to see how spending endless hours with a moody teenager will do her any good…sigh. She’s right. I don’t know how it will do her good either, but it will do ME good. I jest; even when she is being moody, I like having The Bean around.

The Bean makes everything exciting and fun. We have plans to renovate her playhouse and swing set. We are going to tackle landscaping together and some long-overdue farm projects. I told her I would pay her for helping with the extra projects, but she insists she doesn’t want to be paid. In the end, she will be compensated for her time and effort. She’s a terrific kid and a great helper. However, we need to make it through the next day and a half before we can plan our projects. We will continue to coast until she puts in her time.

On this gorgeous sunny day, stay safe, be smart, and adopt a summer mindset; it’s okay to coast until the end and keep washing your hands.

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