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Cold, Snowy Mondays, Peeing Baby Goats, and Smiling Beans

Happy Monday, dear reader. It is again a cold, snowy Monday in Western Pennsylvania. School is closed for the day, the snow is coming down, and we are anxiously awaiting Wednesday's arrival when it will hit a high of 48 degrees. I am ready for the snow to melt, the sun to shine, and a temperature to consistently stay above 32. When that occurs, I can move Finn, the baby goat, to the barn. I am looking forward to that!

The Bean and Finn spent the weekend with GramBarb. How cool is it for my mother-in-law to allow my child to bring her new charge in to spend the weekend? GramBarb has a beautiful new just moved in in July, new house. They spent the weekend together with Finn running, bouncing, and peeing everywhere...Finn was peeing, not GramBarb or The Bean. We bought kennel pads and put them down everywhere, and they were quite useful. However, it does not change the fact that a small barnyard animal was peeing in GramBarb's new house. She is a trooper. She is also an adoring grandmother who can't seem to say no to anything my child desires. I am grateful for the bond they share.

As I sit writing to you, my living room rug is covered in pee pads. Finn is now figuring out his bounce, and he is considerably more active than when he came in a few days ago. I am grateful he is doing so well, but the bouncing and peeing are a bit much. He adores Jordan and follows her everywhere. I am a bit apprehensive of how he will do when he has to transition to the barn. His mother did indeed reject him, his little sister passed away, and life in the house with The Bean is all he has ever known. I suppose I overthink. I am sure he will find friends and adjust like any other bottle baby. We have a few more days until it will be warm enough to transition him to the barn. I believe we will have to move him in stages. First, he will have to move to the heated garage where it is warm but not house warm. He will have to spend a few hours a day in the barn until we see he maintains his body temperature and is doing well. It would not be acceptable for him to develop pneumonia after such care has been given to his survival. I believe my bean will have trouble with the transition as well. However, he simply can't continue to be a house goat.

For now, The Bean can enjoy her new best buddy in the comfort of our home. She, too, has been granted a snow day free from schoolwork and educational responsibilities. She can focus 100% on her Little Finn and ensure he doesn't leave the pee pads. I was going to spend today cleaning, but what is the point? Instead, I think I will focus on the garage and make sure Eric doesn't burn any of my treasures. Sigh...I feel like everything on this farm needs supervision. I hope, dear reader, your Monday is a good one. If you have a case of the Mondays, at least be grateful your living room isn't covered in pee pads with a bouncing baby goat in it. The goat is okay; it's the peeing that gets to me.

As always, dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, be happy you don't have a peeing goat in your house and wash your hands.

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1 Comment

The pictures are priceless! I'm so jealous of Finn in the house. I've only had sick goats in the house. This situation looks joyful!

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