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It is once again Friday, and I am finding as this year drags on that the days are really beginning to run together. Here at the farm, we are under almost quarantine like behaviors again. With the numbers rising at an alarming rate, we are really limiting our comings and goings. The Bibbed Wonder, when asked if he wants to go here or do this, always responds by singing in a deep, loud voice, "I can't... COOOOOO-VIIIIIID!" I am not sure what he is going to do when the pandemic is over. He relishes not being able to go anywhere, having things delivered to the house, curbside pick-up, and limited interaction. When asked how he feels about it, he states, "I was made for social distancing! I love it!" Sigh, it's going to be a long winter.

The Bean and I don't do as well with social distancing. She really misses her friends. We have decided that for now, we need to be very cautious with who comes over. Even her core group of three friends is on hold. I feel like there isn't any point in doing cyber school if we will expose her by having friends come in. She is not the happiest little buddy, but she understands. Although I have 99% of my Christmas shopping done, there are things I would like to pick up for a few people. Eric has declared marshall law here at the farm and says if it's not essential, I will not be going out. He has even threatened to do the grocery shopping for me. I am feeling a bit fenced in, and it is not sitting well with me.

I, too, am noticing that our behaviors are reflecting our feelings about the situation. I internalize everything I always have. My stress usually develops physical symptoms. When I was younger, I suffered from stomach issues. Now, I would welcome stomach issues. Perhaps I would lose the 20 lbs. I'm always talking about losing. Alas, I am now old-ish, and my blood pressure has been through the roof. I am watching my diet, walking, and now taking not one but two medications to lower it...without much success. That, in turn, causes stress for me. It is a vicious cycle. The Bean is also more sensitive, moodier, and more prone to a case of the grumpy bears than she has ever been. She is not finding her parental units as funny, entertaining, or enjoyable as she once did. She is spending a lot of time playing alone in the front room in the evenings. I guess everyone needs their space. Although The Bibbed Wonder claims to love quarantine, he is not his happy go lucky self these days. I find that he is much moodier, more anxious, and stresses about small things. Spending too much time together can put a strain on the healthiest of relationships, I think we are beginning to feel a bit of that strain.

As with all things, it is about perspective. I need to keep this at the forefront of my mind. We are very fortunate to have maintained our health, have a roof over our heads, food in our bellies, and each other. Although the days feel long and bleak, this will not last forever. It just feels like it will. An eternity with my husband singing deeply and loudly, COOOOO-VIIIIIID! Sigh...

Dear reader, have a wonderful weekend, and remember to stay safe, stay smart, keep track of the days, and wash your hands.

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2 comentarios

I am so sorry for you, the Bibbed Wonder and Jordan. It is really crappy. Wish you all could come over to our covid-free house!

Me gusta

04 dic 2020

You have expressed my sentiments exactly. I always wondered if I would like working from home and now I know the answer is NO! And I have realized how much of an extravert I am. And even with all the technology, I go for SO long without seeing people I used to see extremely regularly! And, like you, I am trying to be mindful and grateful of ALL that I have. I hope you have a weekend filled with warm hugs, laughter, treats eaten together, and some beautiful time outside to just BE!

Me gusta
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