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Covid-19 Changes for Ligonier Country Market

We are so excited to begin our season at the Ligonier Country Market. We are opening two weeks later because of the Covid-19 restrictions but we are just pleased that we are able to participate. With the Covid-19 restrictions still in place, our market season and practices will look a little different…understatement…things will look a lot different.

First and foremost, we will not be able to have our products on display where they can be handled or touched. This poses quite the dilemma because we sell a wide variety of uniquely…and wonderfully, if I do say so myself…scented soaps and lotions and we are always adding something new. It was suggested that we put out gloves for people to use to touch our soaps but what about the person who puts them too close to their face…close enough that they have glitter on their nose…it happens all the time…no worries. However, it is a worry with Covid-10 and thus not feasible. We have decided to go with what we are calling a point and pack system. I will have all our available soaps and lotions on display with clear signage as to what they are and the list of ingredients. If one would like to smell a specific soap. I will have slivers to hand out and said person may keep or toss at our private garbage can specifically for soap slivers…not half full drink containers, not the half eaten donut you dropped in front of my stand, not your little ones dirty diaper…all true stories from past experience. Not an issue if we didn’t have to load our garbage in our vehicle and drive it the hours ride home. Ligonier Country Market is not responsible for our garbage…understood and respected. We will wait on you personally and individually and you will have the option to pay in cash or with a credit card. Please be aware, we do not have a touchless credit card reader. We will disinfect between uses but you will have to touch the screen to sign.

***(Thank you, Verna for the soap sliver idea! Verna is one of our special, beautiful customers who has a very special place in our hearts. She’s not only a beautiful warrior, she’s one smart cookie. She shared the soap sliver idea with me.)

We are also offering an order ahead, pay online, and pick up at market option. You may order from our website, my Bibbed Wonder set that up yesterday, so it is up and running. We will pre-pack your order and bring it to the market for you to stop by and pick up. You will need your order number in order to safely pick up. This is going to be my beans job. She is in charge of pre-orders and will have it running like a smoothly oiled machine I am sure. She is a bit irritated that she doesn’t get to hand out samples or work her sales magic but she has asthma and I am overly cautious. I am sure, she will find a way to interact with people, she is a social bug and can’t help herself. We will just proceed with caution.

With that being said, we will diligently follow all safety measures. We will wear masks, we will disinfect after each interaction, we will consistently use hand sanitizer…which we will have available at market…insert hand clapping and excited giggles…we will do everything in our power to ensure you feel safe, comfortable and have options.

I know, we have all had a gullet full of masks, color codes, social distancing, isolation, and financial uncertainty but let us remember to not make judgments, nor presumptive comments, be kind, be patient, and be considerate of each individual. Things are going to be very different for us, it will be our first run at this new system and we ask that you please be patient as we work out the kinks. Trust me, we have given this much thought, much worry, and much consideration as to what will be best for you, our valued soap family. As always, we happily receive and accept constructive feedback and are open to ideas.

We greatly look forward to seeing you at market and we are hopeful for a fun filled, productive season. As always dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, be patient, and keep up the hand washing. I work very hard to provide you with good soap to do so, don’t let me down.

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