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Don't Allow The Humanity To Be Lost

As I sit watching The Queen’s funeral, the tradition and the regalia strike me. Although they are royals, they are human beings. They mourn not only their queen but their mother and grandmother. It does not escape me that the royal family is like any other family. There is strife, estrangement, power struggle, and pettiness. The only difference is their family must experience this on the public stage. One cannot change human nature. Despite class, rank, or status, human nature does not change. Perhaps the display of emotion is more restrained, but the feelings are very human.

The level of grief I experienced with the loss of my dad was debilitating. I was blindsided by the powerful impact grief had upon me. To have to experience loss and grief in public is unimaginable to me. To say I was less than graceful while I grieved is an understatement. Like all grieving families, once the services are over, the crowds dissipate, and life returns to normal minus the one you love; that is when the impact of loss hits one full force. I’m sure the experience of the royal family will be no different.

On this calm September Monday, my heart goes out to the royal family and the people of the Commonwealth of England. Rest in peace, your majesty. Stay safe, be smart, don’t allow the humanity of the situation to be lost, and keep washing your hands.

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