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Embrace The Chaos

As is par for the course, everything happens at once here on the farm. March Madness has begun. Last night, our pretty little Boher doe, Mocha, gave birth to a set of twins. One little one was stillborn; sadly, this isn’t unusual. However, she has one little surviving buckling. He looks exactly like her and is up and doing well. For a first-time mother, she is doing an excellent job. She is attentive, protective, and makes a lot of milk. Eric moved them into a stall so they could bond, she could eat and enjoy her special treats in peace, and the little one could get on his feet without the other goats nosing about.

Thankfully, the weather is warm and beautiful. We don’t have another doe scheduled to deliver for another three weeks. Hopefully, our records are accurate, but it looks like everyone will be delivering at once when the three weeks are up. That will make for an exciting time. I pray my girls have safe, easy, healthy deliveries. There is a mixture of excitement, fear, and worry, as with any birth. We have several first-time mamas delivering this year. It is always a concern whether the doe will be a good mom, have a safe and easy delivery, and have healthy kids. It doesn’t seem like there is any rhyme or reason for who will be a good mom. We have does from excellent moms who are mediocre moms or even bad moms. Cindy Crawford is Lilly’s daughter. Lilly is an awesome mom, but Cindy Crawford is hit and miss. She’s long, leggy, and pretty so The Bibbed Wonder keeps her. Her offspring, thus far, have all been good, attentive moms despite Cindy Crawford’s shortcomings in motherhood.

Another exciting, pressing task is getting our foaming hand soap launched and on the website. We received notification that the labels have been shipped. They should be delivered this weekend or early next week. At this point, we do all the labeling by hand, so it is labor-intensive. The Bibbed Wonder has a small-scale labeling machine in mind but some reconfiguring in the studio has to happen before it can be ordered. Although the labeling machine is not fully automated, it will make the process more accurate, faster, and more manageable. However, we must be patient and think things through from beginning to end before purchasing any equipment. I don’t like to make mistakes, and I don’t like to have something sitting around unused. It feels like a waste of time and money…that dear reader is something my dad would have said. I enjoy my “Ron moments.”

Lastly, my bib overall wearing buddy is working to formulate the perfect body wash. I have used one sample batch that I feel is wonderful. The lather is a tight, dense lather; it is very moisturizing and cleansing. However, The Bibbed Wonder feels like he can do better. He wants to try to create large, foaming suds instead of small, dense suds. In my opinion, I don’t believe large suds can be achieved without the use of detergents, undesirable additives, or making it too drying, but I give my buddy the space to create and work things out on his own. Eric made a Manly Man scented body wash, but it failed. He is back to the drawing board and tweaking our recipe. In my mind, he has already succeeded in creating a lovely, luxurious, natural body wash. I am very proud of him. Don’t worry, dear reader; you will be one of the first to know when the body wash is ready.

To add to the chaos around here, we are also creating our seasonal bar soaps. We have made Honeysuckle Hollow, Apricot Basil, and Mint Julep to date. I love each and every one of these new scents. They all smell so fresh, clean, and bright. I can’t wait to release them. I must say, Mint Julep is my favorite thus far. It is a beautiful blend of honey, peppermint, spearmint, yuzu, and heather. It reminds me of summer porch sitting on a warm day. I think it will be popular.

We have a lot to be thankful for and plenty of work to keep us busy. I am grateful for that. We also have a lot to look forward to, and I can’t wait to introduce my new creations to my beloved soap family. You all are my motivation. Thank you for that. As always, stay safe, be smart, embrace the chaos, and keep washing your hands.

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1 comentário

Kimberly Graham
Kimberly Graham
23 de mar. de 2022

I really enjoy reading your blogs. I feel like part of the family Lol Keep making these products and We will keep washing our hands <3

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