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Enjoy the Gift...

Today is a good day. It is Friday, that is always a good day. It is a day which we are given and what we do with that day is up to us. I fully intend to have a good day. I intend to make more of an effort to live in the moment. I will spend today living in gratitude and appreciation. I will also spend today doing what I love with those I love. Yes, today will be a very good day indeed.

In the past, Fridays signified an end of the work week. When The Bibbed Wonder and I both had traditional jobs, we lived for Friday. Friday meant going out to dinner, going away for a weekend, having time to do whatever it was that we chose to do. Today, Friday doesn’t hold that significance. There is no end to our work week. Regardless of the day, the girls need to be milked, fed, and given attention. Now that we are small business owners, we work constantly. We spend our time developing products, planning promotions, making videos, participating in social media, providing customer service and building relationships with our soap family. None of this feels like work…not work in the traditional sense. We both immensely enjoy what we do and it is a bonus that we do it together. Not only do Eric and I work together, my bean jumps in and she helps as well. I am truly blessed to be living this life.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not fairy tale perfect. There is a whole new level of stress involved now that we are making soap for a living. It was fun and relaxing when it was just a little side hustle. It’s still fun and relaxing but there is an adrenal rush involved to get things done, make things work, do things well. My dad had his own business and he was a workaholic. I now understand why he worked so hard, sacrificed so much, and couldn’t relax…it’s a rush like no other. Unlike my dad, I try to temper the rush and remain mindful of the small things. I will always stop what I am doing to take time for The Bean. She is the motivation for all of this. I hope one day this is big enough to pass on to her if she should choose to continue with this life.

I am by nature a planner. I plan, make schedules, write lists and take notes. I have a hard time living in the moment. I am always worried about “down the road” and “around the next corner.” It is hard for me to just enjoy the moment and be in that moment. I am not sure how to remedy this behavior. This is going to take some time, effort, and mindfulness. I find it frustrating when people have no plan. I simply don’t understand this mind set. My plans often do not go as I planned and I may feel less frustrated if I didn’t plan so diligently. This is something I have to work on and I don’t imagine it will happen for me over night. However, today I will make my best effort. Really, that is all one can do, make one’s best effort and know that tomorrow will be a new day to again do better.

Appreciation and gratitude come very naturally to me. I am forever mindful of this gift I have been given. My life is filled with gifts, The Bibbed Wonder, My Bean, the opportunity to be a mom, the opportunity to be a wife, my goats, this farm, the amazing people I have come to know and care for, the enriching experiences that are every day life. Life truly is a gift. Gifts are meant to be enjoyed and I intend to thoroughly enjoy this gift. This is the plan for my Friday.

As always dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, enjoy your gifts, and continue to wash your hands.

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