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Fall At The Farm

We are in the process of finalizing our Fall At The Farm Event, and we could not be more excited. We have had such a positive response to this idea, and so many of our favorite people have agreed to join us; I feel like it is going to be a great day. The details are as follows: Saturday, October 16th from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m at 493 Tonkin Road, Indiana, Pa. 15701. You will be able to view our herd of lovely ladies and their handsome male suitor, Abu. Just a warning, don’t touch Abu’s beard, or you will regret it, as will anyone near you. He is in full rut, and let’s just say he could use a good bath with Manly Man. However, the ladies seem to enjoy his distinct odor.

I’m sorry to disappoint; we will not be doing barn tours this year. With it being so close to the end of the fair season and the uncertainty of the spread of illness, we are erring on the side of caution and keeping our ladies safe. I’m sure you will be able to get a good view of the herd from outside the fence. Eric’s porcine princesses will also be out and about, I am sure. Our herd is healthy and safe at this point, and we must keep it that way. However, there will be some fantastic people here showing off their wares.

Aunt Julia’s Donuts will be here selling her extraordinary confections. I would travel long distances to enjoy one of Julia’s donuts! I am saving up all my calories to enjoy one of her apple fritters when they are warm with the icing melting off….mmmmmmm! I believe my version of heaven will have Aunt Julia’s Donuts.

We are also thrilled to share that Big Daddy’s BBQ will be here! The Bibbed Wonder usually BBQ’s, but when Big Daddy’s agreed to come and cook, we couldn’t pass it up. Roberto is the son-in-law of our dear friends, and he has crazy BBQ skills. Check him out on Facebook at Kettle Daddy and peruse his menu. I’m sure your taste buds will thank you.

My dear friend, Pamela Jean Werner, will be here with her gorgeous hand-woven scarves, shawls, and wraps. Pam weaves her own fabrics and creates the softest, most unique, and versatile wraps. I have to admit; I have to buy at least one a year because she always comes up with the most beautiful color combinations. These wraps are beautiful enough to wear for a special occasion or can be dressed down for a casually classy, bohemian look. Pam’s personality is so engaging that one can’t help but love her and her creations. If the weather permits, I will be wearing one.

Jessica Birge, from Ageless Iron, will be here with her unique and handmade metal art. The Bibbed Wonder surprised me with a metal sign created by Jessica and her husband, Brian. The quality is outstanding, and their creativity and professionalism are impeccable. I’m thrilled they will be here to share their work.

My neighbor and friend from Ligonier Country Market will be here as well. Michelle Gerard from Appalachian Yarnworks creates the most adorable handmade pumpkins, plant hangers, garlands, cup holders, and bottle bags. Her unique and high-quality creations make lovely gifts or brighten up your décor. I bought a bottle bag to present to my friend Jenna with a bottle of limoncello for her 21st birthday. It made a bottle of booze look extra fancy and special.

My funny, quirky sweetheart of a friend, Carlene Dowell of The Prairie Girl, will also be present with her alpaca socks, handspun yarn, hand-dyed felt, and her published children’s book!!!!, as well as her other unique creations. Talking with Carlene is always a treat and an adventure. She and The Bibbed Wonder have a special relationship.

Our dear friends, Pat and Sherrie Daniel, aka Sausage Pat and The Little Red Hen, will be here as well. Sherrie grows and sells herbs, house plants, and vegetables. She also makes the most adorable baby bonnets. Pat tags along and does the heavy lifting, insert wink. They are a sweet couple and also the in-laws to said, BBQ master.

The Lydic family will also be in attendance selling pumpkins and fall décor. We are thrilled they are willing to bring their produce and make it available. Now, you can Christmas shop and pick out your jack o’ lantern. Does it get any better?

Franny Stadmiller will also be selling her beautiful gourd creations. She makes beautiful and unique décor items out of dried gourds. I have a Christmas goose she created, and it is proudly displayed in my dining room every holiday season. I love Fran and her gorgeous creations.

Stacy Rising will be here with her all-natural CBD oils and products. She is a wealth of information and sells highly ranked and trusted CBD products for both people and their pets.

Last but not least, Suzanne Reken with BeLeaf may be able to join us, and we are hoping all goes well and she can. Suzanne is a DoTerra consultant and creates natural healing products such as salves, tinctures, and bath bags. Her products are of the highest quality and beautiful as well.

Of course, our soaps and products will be here for you to peruse. We will have our full line of standard inventory plus our complete fall line as well. I encourage you to come out, get your tummy full, sniff some soap, buy a pumpkin, and support local handmade artists while crossing off your Christmas list. Send good juju out to the universe for good weather and come out to say hello. As one bib overall wearing smart a$$ says, “You won’t find better company.”

As always, dear reader, stay safe, be smart, please join us for the festivities on the 16th, and keep washing your hands.

P.S. Almost all our friends have a Facebook page showing off their talents. Check them out and create a list before you come to join us.

P.S.S. The Potter's Tour will also be going on that day. Drive just a few miles up the road and visit our friends and neighbors, The Frews at Stokehole Pottery. This family is not only amazingly talented with some serious artistic chops, qualifications, and experience but they are the best neighbors and good people. We love and support local artists and hope you do as well.

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