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Fall At The Farm 2023 Part 2

Today, dear reader, I will share the list of talented friends joining us for our Fall At The Farm event on Saturday, October 7, from 9-1. I love inviting my gifted friends to our farm for a few hours to share their talents with our soap family. It is not an exaggeration to say I have met some truly wonderful people through soap. Every show we attend, and it's not many, we meet kind, genuine people who have so many wonderful talents. I love inviting my friends for a day to highlight that talent, introduce them to the good people who support us, and meet the good people who support them. As my dear friend Jane would say, "It's all very kumbayah."

I don't open up our farm event to just anyone. This is not a show or vendor event to fill spaces and make money. It's just my way of showing my appreciation to the talented, hard-working people who enrich my world. I have a personal connection with everyone I invite to join us at our farm event. Some were my neighbors at the Ligonier Country Market, some I met at Shaker Woods, and others were my students when I taught at Brookville. Some are family, and some have provided products to support our business and improve our lives. I have developed wonderful relationships with these people over the years, and it makes my heart happy to invite them to our farm.

I am grateful that my friends continue to support us and come to our farm for a few hours twice a year. Many of these lovely people have to do scheduling acrobatics to spend a few hours with us. Quite a few have at least an hour's drive to get here. A few come from out of state to spend a few hours with us and help us create a friendly little event. Our event is not huge. Although it grows a little bit every year, we are not drawing crowds by the thousands. It is not a record money-making day for many. For many, they come because, for some crazy reason, they like us. Every one of my friends comments on what a lovely crowd we have. They feel the people are kind, friendly, supportive, and fun. You, dear reader, are the reason for that, and we appreciate you. I hope this year is as enjoyable for everyone as it is for us.

I am adding a few new impressive vendors to our lineup this year. I jokingly tell many they are grandfathered in and always have an open invitation to join us. There are a few I am waiting for confirmation from. I will share them with you when they confirm. I am excited about this year's event because we have several new, interesting artisans I hope you are impressed with.

Morgan and Andy from Buds to Blooms will join us this year with their fantastic local CBD and Delta 8 products. I continue to believe their products help me with my inflammation, sleep, and mind clarity. However, I will not be taking any of their products on the day of the event. I learned that lesson the hard way.

Color to Dye For and the Braughler sisters will be here with their beautiful, whimsical creations. Jen and Jan always impress me with their new ideas, quality products, and beautiful colors. I like to wear their necklaces with the wraps my friend Pam creates.

My beautiful friend, Jenn from Light Shine Jewelry, will join us this year. Jen makes the most incredibly beautiful clay and resin jewelry. I have several pairs of earrings and a few necklaces. She is my go-to girl for gifts. Not only is Jen crazy talented, she is kind, fun, and has a heart of gold. I met Jen at the Shaker Woods Festival. I am certain you will be as impressed with her and her talent as I am.

Joni and Cody will be here representing Lone Oak Farms. I can't say it enough: I love this family, I love these beautiful "kids," and I love what they do. In my book, they are the epitome of a family-run business, and I will always support and promote them. They work extra hard to be here, and I appreciate them.

Lydic Farms LLC. will be here with their lovely home-grown pumpkins. I had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful family through a mutual friend, and they fast became one of my favorite families. They run their farm and their family like a well-oiled machine. They amaze me with their hard work, organization, and genuine goodness.

Pisarcik's Flower Farm will delight us with their gorgeous natural wreaths, flowers, and other natural creations. Elaine and Suzy are a mother-daughter dynamic duo that is gifted in all things plants and nature. Elaine is the calmest, most positive person I think I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Suzy, her daughter, is a beautiful soul who always makes me smile. I love that this wonderful family is willing to join us for our special day.

Pamela Jean Werner will join us with her beautiful hand-woven shawls and scarves. Pam's knowledge of fiber and weaving is masterful. I don't know how she does it, but every year, she creates beautiful textiles that are new, fresh, and more beautiful than the last. Pam's shawls are staples of my wardrobe and gift-giving.

PrAiry Girl and my dear friend Carlene will be here with her gorgeous textiles, warm alpaca socks, dryer balls, and whatever else this crazy talented lady has come up with. Carlene's love for her animals, knowledge, and skill are awe-inspiring. We always look forward to time spent with Carlene.

My talented artist friend, Sue Hrubes, of Re-Creations by Sue, will grace us with her presence and artwork. Sue's work is gorgeous and one of a kind. I have several of her pieces hanging in my home. Her fall artwork has always been my favorite.

A lifetime ago, the very talented Katie Molenango was my student at Brookville High School. Today, Katie is my talented artist friend. Katie has created a small business called Rooted In The Forest. Katie has a God-given artistic talent and creates works of art inspired by the Allegheny National Forest. Katie also makes candles and will share her unique and beautifully scented candles at our event. I can't tell you how impressive I find this young woman. I am thrilled she is joining us on the farm.

Amanda Voss and her lovely little company, Sweet Home Vanilla, are new to our farm event. Amanda is a good friend of my dear friend Christina Moore of Creations by Christina. Not only do I trust my friend Christina and her impeccable taste in confections, but I also trust her choice of friends. Amanda specializes in all things vanilla, including Madagascar vanilla. She also offers a home vanilla extract-creating kit and hand-poured clean vanilla-scented candles. I am excited to welcome Amanda to our farm.

Last but not least, in our lineup of vendor friends are our new friends from Yellow Creek Gardens. We met this talented, lovely couple at the Fourth of July event at Stutzman's Farm. They work together to create beautiful and beautifully scented handmade sachets. I am excited to introduce you to them and their products. My clothes drawers smell amazing!

I await confirmation from my sweet friends Frannie Stadmiller and Jessica Birge and my friends from Grizzled Teddy. I will share their confirmation as soon as I receive it.

Overall, we have an impressive group of talented, unique, and lovely artists. I can't wait for our event, and I hope you, too, are excited. On this fall-like day, stay safe, be smart, mark your calendar for the Fall At The Farm event, support local and small, and always wash those hands.

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