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Foodie Friday: Not Pumpkin Soup. Ligonier Country Market Pizza Instead...Sigh

So, I had a pumpkin theme going for September. It was a good theme. It was an appropriate theme for this time of year. However, with the last Friday in September, my theme is ruined. Not only is my theme ruined, but so is my garbage disposal. Sigh. On Monday, I made a new recipe, pumpkin soup. I like soup; I like pumpkin and thought I would like pumpkin soup. I'm sure you can see where this is going. I worked for over an hour making pumpkin soup. It was a rather intense recipe that required a lot of equipment, like a food processor, an immersion blender, the oven, and the stovetop. I roasted garlic, I sauteed vegetables, I ground nutmeg...yes, I did that. While I was making this soup, I thought it would be something that would make Martha proud; it was that labor-intensive. Sigh.

Prior to making pumpkin soup, I had spent the weekend locking horns with my child over almost everything. While making said soup, I "lost my ever-loving mind" with said child. When I get to the point where I lose my ever-loving mind, everyone in our home walks on eggshells. The Bibbed Wonder dares not crack a joke at my expense. My child either avoids eye contact with me, or she becomes the ultimate suck-up. She was avoiding eye contact. I was fuming while running the food processor. I knocked about the immersion blender like it had argued about skirt length. This soup absorbed all of my anger, and the final product tasted like rage.

I unceremoniously slammed the bowls onto the table, and no one said a word. I tossed crackers into a bowl and slammed them onto the table. The Bibbed Wonder briefly made eye contact with me and was rewarded with a snarl and "What? Do you have something to say?" He dropped his eyes and said, "Nope." I took my first bite of soup and then a second. I looked at The Bean and The Bibbed Wonder and said, "Is this any good?" Eric didn't make eye contact and vigorously shook his head in agreement. The Bean looked like someone had placed a booger in her bowl, but at this point, I didn't much care for her opinion. I took another bite and said, "I don't think this is very good. I can't taste anything. Be honest with me." They both kept their eyes down and mumbled, "It's fine." Finally, I laid my spoon down and said, "Dammit, you two, be honest. I'm going to use this in the blog." The Bibbed Wonder looked afraid and said, "Don't put this in the blog." Sigh.

I gathered the soup bowls, took the big pot, and poured the entire contents down the garbage disposal. Instead of soup, we ate peanut butter sandwiches. I was doing the dishes the next day, and the sink began backing up. I ran the garbage disposal, and things improved for a bit until they did not. There was a lot of rumbling and growling coming from the garbage disposal. Water began spewing from the garbage disposal under the sink. Water poured out onto the floor. Water sprayed like a geyser from both drains on each side of the sink. I panicked and ran to the soup studio, yelling the whole way, "Er, Er, Er, Er!" When I finally got to the studio, I cried, "Help, help, help, help! Flood in the kitchen, Flood in the kitchen!" My little bib overall-wearing buddy went running to the house. He stopped just inside the door and cursed. There was water everywhere. It was under the island, between the islands, and under the fridge. Water had successfully spanned the entirety of our kitchen.

I stood frozen, and Er said, "Get some towels!" Every towel we owned was used to mop up the yucky, stinky mess. My competent husband got everything tightened and working correctly. We got the mess cleaned up. When it was all over, The Bibbed Wonder looked at me, smirked, and said, "Maybe putting an entire pot of pumpkin soup down the garbage disposal was not such a good thing?" Oy! It's a good thing the man has such a good sense of humor. The garbage disposal is still backing up just a bit. Rather than spraying a geyser, it is more like an angry fountain. I am going to the hardware store to get drain cleaner and try to clear the drain, which is where Eric believes the problem lies. We may have to have a plumber come in to deal with the garbage disposal. Truth be told, I think the garbage disposal is a bad idea and would not mind in the least if it were removed.

Sadly, there is no pumpkin recipe to share today. However, we made a delicious and easy pizza from ingredients gathered at The Ligonier Country Market. We took Foccia bread from Star Crossed Naturals, peppers from The People's Farm, spaghetti sauce from Yarnick's Farm, mushrooms from Sundreams Farm, and pizza cheese from Pleasant Lane Farm and baked it for twenty minutes at 350 degrees. It was simple, delicious, locally sourced, and very fresh. If you have the opportunity to attend the market, I highly recommend all these lovely local farms for this delightfully easy recipe. Enjoy!

On this beautiful last Friday of September, stay safe, be smart, don't put an entire pot of gross pumpkin soup down the garbage disposal, marry a capable man with a sense of humor who will not tire of your nonsense and shenanigans, and keep washing your hands.

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