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Foodie Friday: Spring Simmering Pot Recipe

Recently, I have become obsessed with simmering pot recipes. A simmering pot is a small pot filled with water and various natural ingredients to scent your home. My bib overall wearing wonder buns does not like it when I burn candles. He fears I will burn the house down if I forget to blow the candle out. Whenever I light a candle, he blows it out and buries the wick in the melted wax. He's a lot, he really is. Simmering pots are my natural alternative to burning candles. Although it still requires a flame, I am less likely to forget a burner on the stove being on than a candle burning in a different room.

I prefer simmering pots over candles because they are a natural alternative. Simmering is the steam distillation of what you choose to include in your pot. Some candles are filled with chemicals and fake scents like body care products. With The Bean having asthma and having two dogs, I am conscious of what I use in my home. A simmering pot has no chemicals or fillers; pure, natural ingredients are boiled in water.

Our kitchen is the center of our home. We walk through the kitchen at least a dozen times a day. It's easy to keep an eye on the simmering pot when it is centrally located. One can purchase simmering pots in classic, lovely cast iron creations. If modern and sleek is your style, you can also buy a glass simmering pot. I have a small stainless steel pot I use specifically for simmering. An alternative to a stovetop simmering pot is a small crockpot. You simply fill a small crockpot with water and whatever ingredients you choose to simmer. Remove the lid and enjoy the fresh scent when the water gets hot enough to steam. Fill the crockpot as needed when the water gets low.

I usually use a simmering pot in the fall and during the holidays. My fall simmer pots always include cranberries, cinnamon sticks, allspice, oranges, lemons, and rosemary. Don't allow the water to evaporate and get too low. I keep a jar of water near the stove, and as I pass through the kitchen, I add water as needed. I use the ingredients for two to three days. The house smells fresh, warm, and inviting.

I'm unsure why using a simmering pot in the spring never occurred to me. It was only recently that I began simmering "spring" scents. Several weeks ago, I was kicked out of my Facebook account. It feels as though I have to sign away my life to validate my identity to sign back into my account. I don't miss Facebook enough to scan my license to sign back in, so Pinterest has replaced my mindless scrolling. I have a rather extensive board of "beautiful scents." This is my inspiration for soap scents and simmering pot scents.

Most recently, I have been simmering lemons, Sweet Home Vanilla's dehydrated beans and pods, and sprigs of thyme. The scent is clean, fresh, sweet and citrusy. I am considering turning this combination into a soap scent; it smells that good. The combinations of herbs and fruit are endless. For a more floral scent, lavender buds, lemon, and vanilla smell amazing together. There is no end to blends and scent ideas.

I gently encourage you to try a simmering pot to scent your home. It's a natural alternative to chemical-laden candles; you can control the ingredients. It's straightforward, and your home will smell amazing.

Spring Simmering Pot Recipe:


4 Cups of Water

2 Lemons, Sliced Thin

2 Tablespoons Vanilla Extract or Vanilla Bean Pods

4 Thyme Sprigs


Place all ingredients in a small pot or simmering pot, place over a low burner, and allow to simmer for 1-2 hours. Turn off the flame and let steam fill your home with a fresh, clean scent. When the scent begins to fade, turn on the stove burner to a low setting and let simmer for another hour or so. Add water as needed. The ingredients can be used for a day or two.

I like to burn a simmering pot on cleaning days or when we expect company. It's a fresh, clean alternative to burning candles; most ingredients are in your pantry. Stay safe, be smart on this rainy Friday, try simple, clean alternatives to chemical-filled products, and keep washing your hands.

Also, you can now wash your hands with honeysuckle or almond-scented Foaming Hand Soap! It's on the website and ready to make you smile. Have a wonderful weekend.

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