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Foodie Friday: The Bibbed Wonder's Cheeseburger Mountain Pies

The Bibbed Wonder and The Bean have resumed their summer practice of camping out. In the past, they camped in our backyard because The Bean was afraid of the woods. However, now that she is fourteen, she has graduated to camping in a tent in the middle of the woods on our property. These two camping enthusiasts have created quite a cozy little campsite. They built a fire ring, installed a rope swing, moved the picnic table to their site, and have a cozy little tent on legs that they call home. They enjoy themselves, and I love it.

A big part of camping is campfire food. Of course, they cook hotdogs over the fire and make s'mores, but The Bibbed Wonder is a culinary enthusiast who has gotten very creative. This week, the food focus has been on mountain pies. For those not well versed in campfire cooking, a mountain pie is two pieces of bread with various fillings placed in a cast iron flat iron and cooked to golden perfection over an open fire. Some of our favorites are peanut butter, chocolate chips, and marshmallows. We also enjoy mountain pie pizza with pizza sauce, pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, and pizza toppings. This week, The Bibbed Wonder made us all cheeseburger mountain pies. The concept is pretty straightforward. One takes their favorite toppings, along with cooked ground beef, puts it all between two pieces of bread, cooks it to golden perfection, and enjoys.

Each evening, The Bibbed Wonder builds a fire, we haul all our meal preparations to the campsite, and we hang out as a family cooking over the open fire. It is fun and relaxing and the epitome of summer for us. The Heavy-B and I walk to the campsite and then back to the house when the meal ends. We leave The Bean and her dad to hang out and bond while we return to our Tempurpedic mattress in the air conditioning. It's a win for everyone. This week, I will share The Bibbed Wonder's Cheeseburger Mountain Pies. Enjoy.

The Bibbed Wonder's Cheeseburger Mountain Pies



1 LB. of Ground Beef, browned and cooked thoroughly

White Bread


Cheese of Choice




Salt and Pepper


Place a tablespoon of butter in the mountain pie maker, and melt butter over the fire.

Place bread on the cooking iron, fill it with toppings of your choice, and close and lock the cooking iron.

Cook over hot coals until the desired doneness is achieved.


It doesn't get any easier or more delicious, dear reader. If you have the chance, spend some time in nature. Don't be afraid to get creative with campfire cooking. Sit, relax, laugh, make memories, and enjoy each other. Also, wash your hands. Nature is messy; buy good soap...wink.

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