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Fresh Ideas

My bib overall wearing wonder buns never ceases to amaze me. Because he is a master of nonsense and shenanigans? No. I mean, yes, but in this scenario, no. He is quite possibly the most capable, talented individual I know. The man literally takes my ideas (and has quite a few good ones of his own, I might add) and makes them a reality. Don’t get me wrong; a lot of nay-saying goes on here at the farm. For example, I want a floating duck house. No! I want raised beds with a fence and a beautiful garden gate. No! I want to get my pilot’s license. Hard No! I think I need a retired Belgian workhorse to trail ride. Absolutely Not! Sometimes I feel like giving him a straw and telling him to go suck the fun out of someone else’s day. However, I am the epitome of self-control and refrain from such rudeness. It would not do for both of us to be wisecracking dream crushers. Sigh…

Anyhow, I have been wanting to jump on the sticker bandwagon since around The Shaker Woods Festival last year. Stickers are a big deal. I now know I have reached the pinnacle of old age when the things I did for fun as a kid are once again cool. For example, sticker collecting. As a child, we spent a small fortune on stickers and photo albums. Everyone had a sticker collection. We would spend hours pouring over our photo albums, arranging our stickers, and organizing them by type, and then the real fun began; we traded stickers with our friends. Pizza-scented scratch and sniff stickers were coveted. However, there were also puffy, reflective, and large, sparkly stickers that one could buy individually. Do you remember the store Trends? It was sticker heaven! Ah, the good old days.

Well, dear reader, stickers are now cool again, and people are collecting them. They no longer put them in photo albums but display them on laptops, water bottles, and cars. After almost a year of debate, one bib overall-wearing curmudgeon finally concurred to sticker merch. We did a poll on Facebook and Instagram. I preferred a watercolor style for the sticker. The Bibbed Wonder preferred a cartoon style of the sticker. I got voted off the island, and we went with the cartoon style. I can’t win them all but I value our soap families’ opinions. If you ask, you shall receive... within reason, of course.

Our first sticker is an image of my sweet Boo’s head, complete with her little lopped ear and everything. Boo is wise, calm, and oh, so intelligent. Not only is she all of those things, but she is also an incredible milk producer. Boo is one of the herd leaders and Eric’s favorite goat. Eric took a picture of my sweet Boo, cropped it, added a caption box, turned it into a cartoon, and Voila’! a perfect Boo sticker. I make it sound so easy, but it took hours to perfect.

We have since paired with a local artist, Ashleigh Bowman, who will turn Lily into a sticker. Next will be Red, Mama Boo, Little Black, Dot, Tiger Lily, Fauna, and Lester. My mind goes in a million different directions with all the possibilities. We could do family groups like Red, Lily, and Midge or Mama Boo, Boo, and Fauna. I also have the idea that we should do cartoons of us posing like the famous American Gothic painting. I’m unsure I want to turn myself into a sticker, but the idea is fun.

If The Bibbed Wonder gives in to my ideas for merch, there is hope I just might get that floating duck house, magazine-perfect garden, and retired Belgian workhorse. I hold no faith in the pilot’s license. Eric drives like an old man, hates flying, and is anal-retentive about my safety. He’s such a buzz kill. Sigh. It’s okay; I’m sure I can devise another whimsical idea to pester him and make him twitch. I have found something I am good at and intend to stick with it. That’s just one more aspect of my charm. Insert a wink here.

On this hot, humid Monday, stay safe, be smart, be whimsical, find the one who can make all your dreams come true, no matter how hair-brained, and keep washing your hands.

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