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Friday Morning Musings

As I sit watching the sunrise over the field behind the ponds, I am reminded that today is a gift, and gifts should not be taken for granted. Looking out over the expanse of the farm, this is one of my favorite views. I never tire of watching the sunrise slowly over the field's horizon and envelope the entirety of the farm in its nurturing, warm glow. Often, the Canadian geese are circling the pond, quietly crooning to one another in a series of now-familiar honks and calls. This, too, is something of which I never tire. I moved here with my parents when I was in my early twenties. Even then, I walked the fields in the morning, taking in the day and feeling appreciative that I could live part of my life here. I remember thinking, I could spend the rest of my days here and never want for more.

As the sun crests over the eastern hillside, some twenty-plus years later, I still feel this way about the farm. Living here, watching my daughter grow, building a lifetime of memories with my family in the place my dad was at his happiest is a gift I will forever be grateful to have received. Listening to the birds sing as I step out onto the porch in the morning, watching the Canadian geese make their graceful descent and then land with a satisfying splash onto the pond still fills me with wonder, joy, and gratitude. All these small things are gifts of which there is no measurable value.

Today and every day is a gift to be appreciated. I will spend today doing something about which I am passionate. This, too, is noted and appreciated. Is this how I saw my life ten, even five years ago? The answer is no. However, I have been given the gift of creating a life filled with creativity, beautiful people, and service, all in a place I dearly love. No day passes that I am not reminded of this, and I will be forever grateful.

The sun is now high; the geese have landed and are gliding on the pond's glass-like surface. I begin every day sharing my musings with you, dear reader. It is time to start my workday. I look forward to making Simply Goat's Milk and Lavender Oatmeal soaps with my bib overall wearing buddy and helping my bean with schoolwork. Dear reader, I hope you can find the small gifts in your life. Please know, on my long list of gratitude; you are in the top five. Have a wonderful weekend, stay safe, stay smart, and keep on washing your hands.

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