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We are facing some very frustrating situations here at the farm. We are on day thirteen without internet service. At this point, The Bibbed Wonder and I are just frustrated. One does not realize how much one relies upon technology for everyday life. We have a banking issue we cannot resolve without internet access. Not to mention posting on Facebook and Instagram is a much more difficult task, and putting the blog out in a timely manner. I have had the blog written and ready to go, but we have difficulty loading pictures for the blog. For example, yesterday, it took a half-hour, and a dozen tries to load the image of Boo with her ear horn. I don’t know about you, but watching that circle spin as things load, only to make it to fifty percent and then be kicked off, makes me want to beat my head against a brick wall. Sigh.

We also lost another baby goat this week. Eric went out to do the morning chores and only counted nine baby goats. He went in search of the missing baby, and much to his dismay, he found him lifeless in a nest in the hay. Again, the baby was flattened as if someone heavy had sat upon him. The Bibbed Wonder said his mama was nudging him and crying. A scene like that makes even a hard-hearted person feel bad. The baby that passed away was the largest and most robust of the little ones to make it even more mysterious. He weighed twenty-five pounds, was active and jumping, and was the leader of the baby herd. I had hopes that someone would purchase him as a herd sire. He was beautiful. The babies are not “pig-piling” together, and I am sure his mama was not big enough to flatten him. We have no idea how or why this is happening. With the colder temperatures, we are concerned for the safety of the rest of the babies.

The liquid soap project is on hold until our internet service is restored. I need to have a blueprint of how to complete the process. I think I have our new shave bar figured out on a positive note. I made a tiny batch, and it is solid and curing nicely so far. Fingers crossed, it creates the foam I am looking for.

One last area of frustration is I am down with a fever and a sore throat. I don’t have a bad sore throat, just an annoyance. I’m not sure where I am picking up these germs, but I liked it better when we were in our little bubble, and nobody got sick. Thank goodness, The Bibbed Wonder has the immunity of a billy goat, and The Bean isn’t catching anything. Eric keeps threatening to make me bunk in the chicken coop, sigh. I believe I am going to move myself into the spare room permanently. Buster and I do quite well in our own room. Buster doesn’t complain about my reading before bed. Nor does he comment upon my twitching, jerking, or heavy breathing while I sleep. He truly is the best companion a girl can ask for. The Bibbed Wonder, on the other hand…

We are hoping to have our internet service restored on Saturday. One way or another, we will have service, even if we have to switch providers. Please keep your fingers crossed we don’t lose any more baby goats. They are old enough now that we thought they were out of danger. Again, every year seems to provide us with a new issue. If I find the serial baby goat squasher, he or she will lose their happy home. Also, I’m already feeling better today than I have the past few days. Fingers crossed, this doesn’t last as long as that wicked stomach bug. I don’t believe I’ll ever be able to eat French fries again. Sigh. Buster and I are going to continue our camp out in the spare room to ensure no one else gets sick. The Bibbed Wonder and I just might become “that couple” that doesn’t sleep together. I must admit, having a bed all to myself is pure luxury. There is no snoring, gas passing, or cover fluffing when gas is passed. It really feels like a win-win situation. Hopefully, our frustration will be resolved by next week.

As always, dear reader, stay safe, be smart, try to remember that all situations resolve themselves eventually, and keep washing your hands.

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