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We’ve added a new facet to our soap business, fundraising. Offering a fundraising option has been a goal since I began making soap in 2016. Along with my affinity for all things shiny, goats, and shoes, I also have grandiose ideas. I’ve shared some of my thoughts with you, like a floating duck house, a new soaping facility with a classroom area, a viewing area, and a space to do goat yoga. I also have ideas for an adorable greenhouse made from the old barn windows, flower gardens, a home remodel, and, let us not forget, a state-of-the-art milking parlor. I could go on and on with my ideas. My dear friend, Jane, says I have “vision.” I’m also pretty sure I could be an axe murderer, and my friend Jane would testify that whoever I murdered had it coming…everyone should have a friend like Jane.

However, my darling wonder buns hubby says I’m an unrealistic, labor-intensive idea factory and a pain in the…you get the point. I think Eric might be at the top of my list should I ever decide to become an axe murderer. I believe I could plead self-defense after all towel snapping, bum-thumbing, Sharpie writing, and nonsense I put up with on a daily basis. However, I digress. Becoming an axe murderer is not a short-term or long-term goal. But offering a fundraising option is a goal we’ve finally met, and we could not be more excited.

Rayne Elementary PTO is the first organization to utilize our fundraising option. I cannot express my appreciation that our local elementary school is supporting our small, family farm business. It’s such a wonderful opportunity, and we are excited to receive their fundraising order on Monday. The Bibbed Wonder gave me strict directions to take care of everything I need to take care of that is not soap related this week because, on Monday, it is all hands on deck to package and fulfill Rayne’s order. How exciting!

The fundraiser organizer will email us their soap totals. Then we will begin wrapping each soap in our wax paper bags, placing a cute little label on each soap stating its scent, counting, recounting, then triple counting the soaps, boxing them, and finally, having them ready for delivery. We have been preparing to fulfill the fundraiser order for weeks. The soaps are cured, boxed, and ready to go. With The Bibbed Wonder’s preparedness, it should be an easy process. Jenna, Raylee, Jordan, Eric, and I will all work to ensure the fundraiser is a success and goes off without a hitch.

My goal for the fundraising option is multifaceted. First and foremost, I want to allow organizations to earn a solid income. Rather than offering a small percentage of sales as a profit, we have followed our wholesale practices and pricing. Each bar retails for $8. The organization will receive $3 in profit, and we will receive $5. When I was teaching and in charge of various clubs, I was always frustrated by the big fundraising companies that offered little profit or incentive to the organizations doing the fundraising. As a former organization leader, I feel that our company provides a solid profit margin. Secondly, I think it is an excellent way to spread our name to a broader audience. Lastly, I believe soap is a product that almost everyone can use or benefit from using. Candy bars are delicious, and subs are great, but fundraising options are limited, and often the more prominent companies don’t offer very good profit margins. Again, I go back to the mantra that people should have options. I’m fulfilling my goal of creating unique options for people to choose from, and hopefully, they will view it as a good one.

We are thrilled to participate in Rayne Elementary’s fundraiser and will do our best to make it a successful and profitable fundraiser. If you or an organization you know of are looking for a unique fundraising opportunity, we will be thrilled to help. Hopefully, our integrity, hard work, and commitment to excellent customer service will make our fundraising option successful for everyone.

On this gorgeous February day, stay safe, be smart, and don’t entertain the idea of becoming an axe murderer, but if you do, have a devoted friend who will testify you’re of good character and the person deserved it; it’s essential to have vision and goals, try our fundraising option, and keep washing your hands.

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