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Going to Your Happy Place

My wish for my child is that she chooses a path to do something she loves. When I was teaching, my advice to my students was to choose a career that you love and are passionate about because you spend the majority of your life working this job. My weekend was supposed to be soap free. We were going to take a break from all things soap except filling and shipping orders. There was to be no paperwork, no making of products, no cleaning, and no special side products. We were going to focus on attending to things that needed done around the farm and hanging with The Bean.

Friday, we shut things down at three. We had cleaned up, everything was in order, and we were going to take care of barn chores a little early and just relax. We ended up putting in the garden… not very relaxing, no more like hard work, sweating, and bending over. As I get older, I find I abhor bending over. If I drop something, I curse in my head…well, sometimes out loud…at the thought of having to bend over and pick up the cursed object. I also don’t like to sweat. This is probably one of the reasons I curse when I have to bend over but that is my reality. I spent my Friday night bending over and cursing.

I awoke on Saturday with the intention of cleaning and doing laundry. Again, not very relaxing but a necessary evil. There are things I know the minions that I live with do just to spite me. These spiteful things include requiring regular and consistent meals, wearing clothes, and having said clothes where they can find them. I hate laundry. I don’t mind sorting it, washing it or folding it but I hate, absolutely hate putting it away. Apparently, I am the only person in our household to know the magical formula of putting away said laundry. Even if said laundry is on a hanger on the bed The Bibbed Wonder and The Bean can’t figure out how to make the laundry hang in the closet. Truly one of the great mysteries of life…said with annoyance and exasperation. I looked at the pile of laundry vomiting over the basket edge, closed the door and went to the soap studio. The Bibbed Wonder and The Bean were engaged in things that bring them happiness. They were moving the little pigs to the big pig field and taking care of all things porcine. They would be occupied for hours…said with a smile. I closed the studio door, turned on my good friend Mozart and began playing with soap.

I love creating new soaps, it is one of the things that make me vibrate with excitement and joy. I had the quiet I needed to figure out the formulation and logistics of the soap batter for two soaps I have been creating in my head for months. As I worked, listened to music that I like, and created curls and swirls, I felt happy and content. I haven’t had this opportunity to work alone for months and it was fun. Eventually, my bean came in search of me. I thought about turning off the lights and ducking behind a table but that would just be childish and mean…plus, I don’t want to teach her my all my tricks. I was chided for working on soap, scolded for not sticking to our plan of not working on soap, and chastised for not moving pigs or enjoying the moving of pigs. Eric arrived and I thought I was going to be in for more chastising. He looked at the soaps, he looked at me and he ushered The Bean out of the studio saying they had more work to do and popsicles to eat. Before he shut the door, he looked at me and winked and said, “I’m proud of you, lady.” I worked quietly the rest of the day and found myself in very good space the rest of the weekend. Who knew all I really needed to relax was a day of work?

I hope your weekend left you in good space, happy and content. As always dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, find your happy place and go there, and keep on washing those hands.

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