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Good Luck To You

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, dear reader. I hope that luck and blessings abound today and all the year through. We often hear people talk about feeling lucky or not having any luck. What exactly is luck? Some view luck as an unseen force that can affect one’s life positively or negatively. Others view luck to be when hard work meets opportunity, while others believe it to be chance or fate divined from a higher power. My belief in luck incorporates a little bit of all the above definitions.

I believe that luck or perhaps blessings are repercussions of our actions. I am a firm believer in the adage you reap what you sow. It has many names, but ultimately, I believe we get back tenfold what we put out into the universe. I think that someone or something higher than myself is paying attention to what I am doing, how I act, how I treat people, and my intentions. This belief is deeply rooted, and I simplify it by calling it the golden rule: treat others as you want to be treated.

I don’t believe luck is a force in and of itself but more of a repercussion of our actions and intentions. To a certain extent, we have some control over our luck. We can also affect the outcomes of our purpose with hard work, focus, passion, and intention. There is a saying that luck is when hard work meets opportunity; I believe this to be true. Hard work is rewarded. Be it luck or fate; hard work puts us on the path to opportunity. Often, our paths converge with others who share our vision, belief, and passion. When two like-minded people meet, beautiful things can happen. For example, I marvel at all the wonderful people my love of goats and passion for soap has brought into my world. I don’t believe this is chance or coincidence. I feel that it is fate, or some would call it luck.

Whatever you call it and whatever you believe, I hope that luck is on your side and your life is filled with love, happiness, and contentment. We really can’t ask for more, can we? As always, dear reader, stay safe, be smart, good luck to you, and keep washing your hands.

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