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Good Neighbors

It does not escape me that our farm is an ideal place to live and raise our daughter. We are ten minutes from our local small town, and our property borders a state park, giving us privacy. The way our house is situated, we can't see any of our neighbors, adding to the illusion of isolation. The Bibbed Wonder gauges idyllic living by being able to pee outside without seeing a neighbor...sigh. We all have ideas of the perfect life, and peeing wherever he wants, whenever he wants, is his measurement tool. Insert a heavy sigh and an eye roll here.

Although the illusion of seclusion is lovely, what is even lovelier is having wonderful neighbors we adore and enjoy. We have a good relationship with all our neighbors, but Jess and Mason, who live literally over the hill, are exceptionally good neighbors. I know that we could count on them to be right by our side without hesitation if we needed anything. From being a solid role model to my girl to helping out with projects around the farm, Jess and Mason are ready and willing to help.

We don't have a lot of close friends. I tend to keep my social circle tight. It's not that I exclude people; it's just that A) we are very busy with the farm and the business, B) friendships take time and effort, and C) I guard my peace of mind and stability like a priceless treasure. So when we meet someone, and we click, it's valued. Jess and Mason are the kind of friends who can show up unannounced, and we are thrilled to see them. Mason has an unusual work schedule. We will go months without seeing him, but he and The Bibbed Wonder pick up where they left off when he is home. Eric claims Mason will be his breakfast buddy when he slows down enough to go for breakfast once a week. For The Bibbed Wonder, this is unprecedented ground. He likes someone enough to leave the farm and wants to dine out with him.

Having friends who show up at a moment's notice, bring their little girls, and feed our pigs and goats their fall pumpkins are the best kind of friends to have. To say we adore Jess and Mason's girls is an understatement. Francesca and I have always hit it off. This kid is like pure sunshine. She is the sweetest, most loving, accepting, and intelligent little girl. She is delightful to be around. Cecilia, the younger of the two, is as adorable as they come. Cece is a bit more reserved but no less delightful. Hanging out with them is an absolute pleasure. I don't say that about all children.

The Bean looks up to Jess and, in turn, tries to be a good role model for Francesca and CeCe. My girl loves having the two little ones around. Although my girl has a huge heart and eternal patience, she does not always enjoy little kids. Francesca and CeCe are two very special girls in her world. This does my heart good. She says the little girls are like the little sisters she never had. She says Jenna is like the big sister she never had, and Jess is the really cool aunt you can get into trouble with and not tell your mom. I love that my girl has all these strong females in her life and feels the weight of setting a good example for those younger than her.

I hope your life is filled with good friends and neighbors you enjoy and can count on. Life is too short not to enjoy the people who make you happy. It's important to have good friends and be a good friend. Lift up those in your life who lift you up. Stay safe, be smart, be a good neighbor, appreciate your good neighbors, and keep washing your hands.

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