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Guess Who's Back!

I am tickled to share that we are bringing back an original creation from my then-eight-year-old daughter's imagination. Duck Fart, that sweet, orange, and vanilla-scented, giggle-inducing, popular because of the name and scent, is making a comeback! We have three oil companies we work with and trust. These are companies that offer us impeccable customer service, and they create clean, plant-based fragrances. My bib overall wearing wonder buns found a new oil blend featured on the website of one of these trusted companies, and he bought a one-ounce sample for curiosity's sake.

When he opened the bottle and sniffed, he giggled and said, "Smell this and tell me what it reminds you of..." My husband's little behavior of making me sniff things never bodes well. Most of the time, he finds something nasty from various sources and has to share the stench. Use your imagination of these sources, and you will probably be accurate. Sigh. Living with him is really like living with an oversized, bald, twelve-year-old boy. However, this time, he was not being disgusting or sharing some bodily functions. This time, he shared a good smell. As soon as I took the bottle, I could smell the fabulous orange and vanilla scent of our retired and missed original Duck Fart.

This week, we made our first batch of Duck Fart 2.0. It will not be called Duck Fart 2.0 on the website, but that is what we jokingly call it in the shop. With the resurrection of Duck Fart, we have made a few minor changes. Although we have three companies we trust for our clean oils, we have one company we trust for our natural micas. In the past, I have tried micas sourced from companies other than Mad Micas; however, there is no comparison. Mad Micas has a superb selection of natural, cruelty-free, clean micas. However, they do not offer a deep blue like we used in the original Duck Fart.

I am quite proud of my bib overall wearing wonder buns. He created the new color scheme for Duck Fart all on his own. He even chose the glitter on top, all without consulting me. I'm not going to lie; I covet and protect my creative role in the business. I can get a little touchy about not having a say in how our soaps look. However, I took it on the chin this time, didn't complain about being left out of the loop, and gave credit where credit was due. My bib overall wearing fuzzy bottoms knocked it out of the park when he chose the colors. When he posted the newly poured soap on Facebook and Instagram, he received more compliments on the color choices than any other soap we have posted. The new Duck Fart is absolutely beautiful. However, he best not get into the regular practice of going rogue. I'm still a bit touchy about my creative freedom...insert a wink.

In six weeks or so, the new Duck Fart will be ready for your bathing pleasure. Trust me, this "fart" is the best smelling you will experience. The Bean is revamping her kids' line, and I believe there is another "fart" themed soap coming into production. Whether you are eight, fifteen, or eighty, "farts" are funny! Stay tuned. On this gloomy but warm January day, stay safe, be smart, understand that sharing all "farts" are not acceptable, and keep washing your hands.

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Can’t wait to try it😉

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