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Halloween Hocus Pocus

Happy Friday! Although we now work from home, I still look forward to Friday. I’m not sure why, we work on weekends, we don’t go anywhere…ever, and I designate Saturday and Sunday as my laundry and house keeping days. It’s not a very exciting schedule but I still look forward to it. If you read yesterday’s post, you know I was conflicted as to what to do about trick or treating. I have decided to err on the side of caution and keep my bean home.

That doesn’t mean we won’t partake in festivities; it just means we won’t be running amuck in strange neighborhoods. Instead, we have agreed to have a friend or possibly two over. We have a safe group I feel comfortable having in my home. Rather than trick or treat, we are going to watch “scary movies,” have a taco bar and go on a scavenger hunt around the farm. I feel much better about this and it is a weight lifted from my shoulders. I also need to get creative and plan a candy laden scavenger hunt. Being fun is a lot of work.

We are also anticipating Big Red, aka Miss Honey Belle, delivering. My poor girl is a big as a barn and lumbers about in a disgruntled manor. I am hoping she delivers on Halloween. Best case scenario, she delivers on Halloween, has triplet girls and I get to name them Winnie, Mary, and Sarah. Worst case scenario, she delivers on Halloween, has boy triplets and I name them Amuck, Amuck, Amuck…I love Hocus Pocus.

Speaking of hocus pocus, Halloween night will not only be a full moon but a blue moon. How fun is that? I have yet to plant my garlic in my garden and my friend who is a master gardener, says to plant it under a full moon. Surely, my garlic will thrive and grow in abundance if I plant it not only under a full moon but a blue moon. I am not sure what the moon and its phase have to do with planting garlic but who am I to question anything. I can barely keep a houseplant alive. I will take all the advice I can get. I just may wear my witches’ hat while I am doing it for fun and giggles. It seems like a hedge witch activity. My witch costume may as well come out of the closet for that since we won’t be trick or treating.

Lastly, we are hoping to work some magic up in the soap studio. We have been discussing various options for improving our space, stream lining our space for efficiency and improving organization. I wish I had a magic wand and could wave it about to complete all that needs done. Unfortunately, there is no magic wand and just old-fashioned elbow grease is what will do the trick. If not a magic wand, a small army of flying monkeys would be helpful. Sadly, the only monkey in my life is my bean and she is more of a mess maker than a cleaner-upper. I guess elbow grease will have to do.

However you choose to spend your Halloween weekend, I hope it is filled with magic of one sort or another. As always dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, look for magic in our world, and of course, wash your hands.

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