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Happy Birthday to Me...Not

Well, dear reader, today is the day I turn fifty. I am disappointed to report there will not be any fun activities. Monday, I tested positive for covid. I have had covid several times, but this time is a doozy. Today is day three of a fever over 101. I have an intense headache, body aches, congestion, and coughing. To sum it up, I am a misery.

The Bibbed Wonder and The Bean have banished me to the spare bedroom. Sigh. They are treating me as if I have the bubonic plague. Jordan won’t let me enter her bedroom, pack her lunch, or touch her belongings. Eric walks around with his shirt pulled up over his nose and mouth if I happen to escape from “my lair of germs and misery.” He texts me to check on me but makes it a point to avoid me at all costs. I hate being avoided.

To add insult to injury, it snowed on my birthday. I don’t like snow either. As I write to you, staring out my bedroom window of banishment, watching it snow and blow, I feel grumpy and miserable. This is definitely not the birthday I imagined. There will be no cake from Cake Shotts today. The Bean asked me somewhat grudgingly if I wanted my presents today or if I wanted to wait until I was not deadly and contagious. Sigh. She has her father’s sense of humor.

I hope this passes soon, and I will be right as rain on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday is our event here at the farm. We have been looking forward to this for months. Despite the snow that is covering the fields today, the weekend is supposed to be gorgeous. You have my word, dear reader; if I am even slightly off, I will stay away from the event. I will leave The Bibbed Wonder, The Bean, Morgan, and Jenna in charge. You may see me waving pathetically from my window of banishment, sporting my flannel sock monkey pajamas and major bedhead. Surely, this will pass by then? I remain optimistic.

On this dreary, snowy Wednesday, stay safe, be smart, and keep washing your hands for the love of all that’s holy. This s!@# is real and still floating around!

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