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Happy, Healthful New Year!

Well, dear reader, we did it. We said good-bye to 2020 and hello to 2021. I must admit, the whole thing was a bit anticlimactic. We decided at the last minute to pick up a taco and quesadilla box from a new local restaurant, Casa Jalisco, and go to GramBarb's house to watch "real t.v." We ended up watching four episodes of Bridgerton on Netflix. Give me Pride and Prejudice meets Scandal any day! Throw in some delicious authentic Mexican food, and you've got a winner! Even The Bibbed Wonder enjoyed it. We were home by 11:30 and watched the ball drop with The Bean. This, too, was anticlimactic, but The Bean was satisfied. We awoke this morning at 4:45 to do the barn chores, and then we went back to bed. Thus, my late blog post. As I sat drinking my coffee and watching it rain, I thought about what I want to achieve in 2021. I not only thought about what I want to achieve but how I will go about achieving it. My dad used to say, "Sh!% in one hand, wish in the other, and which hand is more full?" Rather crass, yes, but that was part of his charm. It does one no good to imagine or wish. One has to have a plan of action to make these things a reality.

Following is a brief insight into what I hope to achieve in 2021 and a rough idea of how I will achieve it. I am beginning my new year with a positive, inspired outlook. This is an outlook I hope to maintain throughout the year.

  1. Create a vision board. I have read a lot about vision boards and their power to keep one focused and on track to achieve the goals one sets for oneself. With my fogged, preoccupied brain, I believe this cannot hurt. It is also a tangible, tactile activity that will reinforce my ideas.

2. Have a plan in place for each activity/duty at least a month in advance. I am pretty good at flying by the seat of my pants. My bibbed overall-wearing buddy, not so much. Our lack of effective communication and planning often puts us at odds with what we want to achieve or how we go about achieving it. I feel like this will remedy a bit of that chaos.

3. Create an effective record-keeping system for all areas of our personal/business life. I lack discipline and order, from keeping receipts for the soap to maintaining records of breeding logs for the goats, to managing records for the household. I hate paperwork. However, each year at tax time, The Bibbed Wonder would like to string me up by my toes, and I end up having an emotional ugly crying session because of my lack of attention to detail.

4. Put our personal affairs in order via our attorney. I feel like this is something we should have done years ago. However, I feel an urgency to make sure everything is in line, and in place should something happen to either one of us. I do not want to leave a mess behind for The Bean or the poor soul who becomes the executor of our estate. Grim, yes, but necessary.

5. Walk the Big-B dog daily. It is good for both of us, and I find I need time to decompress daily. Nature, exercise, and quiet alone time are good for the soul.

So dear reader, there you have an abridged version of what I would like to accomplish and how I plan to go about accomplishing it. I am always interested in tools, suggestions, and ideas others have to work more efficiently. Any input or insight is welcome. What do you want to accomplish on the first day of the new year? As always, stay safe, stay smart, make a plan, and wash your hands. Happy, healthful new year to you!

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