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Happy Spring

Happy Spring! Finally, the season we have been waiting for has arrived. This first weekend of spring did not disappoint. Here in Western Pennsylvania, it was in the mid-sixties, with clear blue skies and plenty of sunshine. I know spring has arrived when I see a robin, which I saw last week. Even more exciting for me, though, is the song of the peepers. Legend says one must hear the peepers three nights in a row for spring to be here truly. I have heard them two nights in a row; fingers crossed they sing their lovely song again tonight.

The sounds of spring are my absolute favorite. We have two ponds here on the farm. When the peepers awaken, the sound is almost deafening. I love to sleep with the windows open and listen to the peepers sing their song of spring. Not only do I enjoy being lulled to sleep at night by the sound of the peepers, but I also enjoy being awakened by the newly returned songbirds of spring. Listening to the robins sing away the night, the cardinals call, and the sparrows titter is the loveliest sound on earth. Lying in bed just before dawn and awakening to the songbird's song is the universe's way of telling one it is going to be a good day.

Although the song of spring has begun, the landscape is still brown, muddy, and wet. I am looking forward to seeing buds on the trees, daffodils poking their lovely heads out, and the grass to begin changing from winter's grey-brown to springtime green. The music for the party has begun. We now just have to wait for mother nature to change her dress and make her grand entrance. As I sit here writing to you, the sun is beginning to rise over the eastern hillside. The sky is an ombre effect of pink, pale blue, and sky blue. The birds are singing; the goats gently call their farmer to bring their breakfast and relieve the pressure that has built overnight in their udders. Once The Bibbed Wonder is spotted, it will go from a gentle call to farmyard chaos. The girls will begin to complain loudly; the geese will awaken with the goats and honk to be fed. Eric's porcine princesses will also add to the mix with their barking and grunting. All will be quiet again within a few minutes as soon as everyone is fed and content.

Very soon, we will be enjoying our coffee on the front porch. We will sit in our rockers, sip the elixir that makes mornings bearable, and discuss our plans for the day—all the while enjoying the symphony of nature. Life is good. Welcome spring, welcome sunshine, welcome birdsong and frog calls. As always, dear reader, continue to stay safe, stay smart, enjoy the spring concert that surrounds you, and keep up the hand washing.

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