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Hope is a Wonderful Thing

I couldn't sleep last night. Often when I can't sleep, I feel a surge of inspiration and creativity. I'm not sure if this is healthy, but I enjoy it when I feel like this. I was up to the wee hours of the morning researching. I love to do research. I enjoy taking notes. I relish reading articles and looking up ingredients. I know it seems ridiculous, but I am thinking about goals for 2021, the market season for 2021, and Valentine's day. Although most of the shows and markets that I usually attend are already postponed, I am hopeful 2021 will look much different than 2020. If not, I will continue what I am doing now, adapting and doing the best I know how to do.

I have wanted to expand my skincare line for quite a while. I wanted to create pumpkin-based facial soap, scrub, mask, and serum in the fall. However, the pumpkin was not available when I needed it. That was frustrating and disappointing. However, I have stocked up on organic pumpkin puree, and I will be ready for next season, no matter what Covid-19 throws my way. I have several ideas that I am excited to try. Once the Christmas rush is over, I can begin product development. AfterI have created a product I am satisfied with, I will have several months to test it before it is ready to be introduced to my soap family. Testing will consist of myself, The Bibbed Wonder, and any willing friend or family member. Animals are never harmed. The Bibbed Wonder, no promises.

Another avenue I hope to pursue is liquid soap. Liquid soap is a completely different ingredient list, process, and finishing process. Quite frankly, it intimidates me. Liquid soap will be a two-day process and requires patience...which I often lack, experience from what I have read, and seems to be less of an exact science and more trial and error. I can live with trial and error. However, I am narrowing my goals for my finished product and aligning them with my company philosophy. Apparently, the main goal for many soapers when creating liquid soap is perfectly clear soap. Perfectly clear soap is difficult to achieve when using milk, especially fresh, raw milk. I don't think perfectly clear soap is my goal. I am more interested in the lather, skin-nourishing qualities, moisturizing abilities, and cleansing abilities. I am nervous about the process, but very excited to begin my experiments.

However, before any product development can occur, I have to revamp my studio. Finally, The Bibbed Wonder has agreed to make the changes I have been longing to make. Although we have very different ideas about streamlining and aesthetics, I am sure we will be able to come to an agreeable compromise. My friend, Jessica, is ex-military and the most organized person I have ever met. Her home is my ideal in regards to organization. She has developed a plan for us to execute that will achieve all my organizational goals. She is not only a beautiful person inside and outside; she is a take-charge powerhouse kind of woman that I respect a great deal. I am grateful she chooses to hang out with me and help me. The studio revamp is at the top of the priority list, then soaps and moisturizers for Valentine's day, lastly, product development. I have a fresh and revitalized view of the winter months. I love it when I am excited about life and have something to look forward to. This is what makes me say, "I love my job!" I also feel pressed because this will all have to be completed before the girls go into labor, and we are focused 150% on the girls, the babies, and the happenings in the barn.

It is astonishing how my perspective changes from bleak and dreary to thrilled and excited. I am indeed looking forward to the next few months, 2021, and all the good things to come. Right now, I have a certainty that 2021 is going to be a good year. I know this excitement will ebb and flow, but right now, I am enjoying the flow. Hope is a wonderful thing.

As always, dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, stay hopeful, and wash your hands. Hopefully, in the near future with an amazing handmade liquid soap!

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