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In For A Penny, In For A Pound

We have had an idea brewing for quite some time now. It has taken awhile to come to fruition but all necessary components are now onsite and ready for production. When the pandemic first hit and there were so many unknowns, I had an “Ah-Ha moment.” Being a company that creates soaps and body products, I have accounts with supply companies who provide a wide range of products. I had access to all the components of an FDA approved recipe for hand sanitizer. Making the decision to create this product did not come easily. I kept going back and forth between feeling like a carpetbagger and having an obligation to the public to offer a much-needed product for safety and health care.

This idea was not as easy as an internet search and a few clicks. All our contacts showed that there was 99% isopropyl alcohol in stock but in reality, the suppliers were relying on their suppliers and no one had it in stock. Finding alcohol proved to be the greatest challenge. The next road block was finding bottles. All plastic bottles were sold out…everywhere. We were finally able to locate bottles with sprayers and caps but they were shatter resistant glass. Lastly, once all the components were found and successfully ordered, the suppliers did not have enough staff to fulfill and ship orders. We had all components locked in on March 23 and we just received the final ingredient yesterday. It has been a process and a struggle however, at this point we are in for a penny, in for a pound.

We are tweaking our recipe, deciding on scents and ordering official labels. It is our hope to be offering this new and useful product in two weeks or less. I have a list of small business front line workers to which I would like to provide hand sanitizer. Again, it is just a gut feeling but one I am going to trust that we are going to focus on helping the smaller, perhaps overlooked businesses who are just as vital and essential to providing life sustaining services. We are also working to create the best value for you our respected audience. As we move through these uncharted waters, we are all trying to find our way as we go. I hope I am correct with my gut feeling of obligation to provide necessary service. Perhaps I am not the best business person. It was pointed out to me many years ago when I was contemplating majoring in journalism that I am just not “cut throat” enough to make it. Initially, my feelings were hurt by this observation (Seriously, you know I’m an overthinker when I am still contemplating remarks made by an ex-boyfriend’s father almost 30 years later…ugh!). However, I find that I don’t care to be cut throat. I don’t respect, admire, or aspire to be cut throat. I want to honest, show integrity, and care about the human condition. My aspiration, if I can make this world and this life a better experience for anyone, I’m going to do it.

If you feel you will benefit from our new product, it will be here for you and we will try to make it the best value and experience we can. You will be the first to know when it is ready. Until then dear reader, as always stay safe, stay smart, keep aspiring, and wash your hands.

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