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Ingenious Ideas

Becoming a goat farmer and soap maker has introduced me to some fascinating people and created some highly unusual opportunities. Broadening our minds and perspective through unique experiences is one of the interesting aspects of our chosen lifestyle. I could not have imagined the unique opportunities that have arisen through our small business. This helps me to understand new perspectives and appreciate the journey we are traveling.

Recently, a local gentleman approached The Bibbed Wonder with a unique idea. He inquired if we would consider "renting" our goats to him to help him naturally clear his pasture fields. He has several pastures that are overrun with brush, the despised Multiflora Rose, and small trees. Rather than use pesticides and hard, intensive labor, he had the idea of renting a goat herd to make quick work of the troublesome brush. Although a genius idea, I had a bit of apprehension.

Naturally, one wonders if the goats would be safe from predators, have housing, have access to a freshwater supply, and be treated with kindness and care. To assuage these fears, The Bibbed Wonder and The Bean went for a ride to eyeball the situation and further discuss this unusual concept. Once on-site, Eric saw that the gentleman has secure, sufficient fencing, a clean barn the goats would have access to at all times, as well as a sufficient spring to provide water. He also has acres of pasture field overrun with everything the goats love to demolish. To make the situation even more appealing, Eric knows the family and is comfortable with the care he provides for his animals. This unusual proposal appears to be a win-win situation.

Obviously, the ladies who are in milk will have to stay home. However, we have a small herd of unclaimed boy goats that would get along well and make quick work of the brush in the field. Until this gentleman approached us with his unique idea, I never thought of renting my goats for their eating services. It truly is a natural, green, ingenious idea. I am amazed at the ideas that are generated out of necessity. I find the opportunities that arise from our interactions with people to be endlessly fascinating. I will keep you posted on the progression of this idea. As always, stay safe, be smart, appreciate the opportunity, and keep washing your hands.

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Jun 09, 2021

Wow! What a great idea! In my suburban area, there are a few small farms that have goats and you have to make an early reservation (late November/early December) to be able to drop off your Christmas tree in early January. Others are first come, first served. Hmmmm, I am getting lots of great ideas in case I ever move a little farther out!

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