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Inspirational Individuals, Cheeky Cats, and Artists

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of spending time with a motivated woman who is trying to start up her own business based upon a fantastic idea. Stacy is a veteran who served our country in Afghanistan and other dangerous situations. She is open, upfront, and highly motivated, which are all qualities I respect. She is multifaceted. Not only is she a seasoned soldier, a former owner of an overseas construction firm, a former counselor for at-risk youth, and a professionally trained chef, she will also add small business owner to her accolades. Stacy is creating a small business showcasing other local small businesses. Cheeky Cat Gifts' idea is to create high-quality, local, unique, handmade gift boxes for individuals and corporations. It is such an exciting and unique idea, and I am honored she has included my soaps.

Stacy has collected a small village of talented local artisans and makers. Not only is she promoting local small businesses, but she is also creating a network or family, as she calls it, of like-minded individuals. Her goal is to have a soft launch two weeks before Mother's Day, offering a small collection of beautiful, discerning gift boxes. Her gift boxes have themes, are creative and unique, and are aesthetically appealing. In essence, she creates a stunning variety of items and presents them in one beautiful collective. It takes all the stress and leg work out of gift buying and supports our local economy.

Not only am I impressed with her eye for detail and discerning taste, but I am also impressed with her desire to create a community of artisans and makers who support and inspire each other. Her resources are all small, individually owned, or family-owned businesses. Not only will she create a unique business for herself, but she will also showcase and advertise local talent. I feel it is an amazing idea and an excellent opportunity. If her business is based upon energy and excitement alone, Cheeky Cat Gifts will surely succeed. Stacy's energy is infectious. It is odd how being around a creative and inspired person creates inspiration for one as well.

I am excited for Stacy and this opportunity. I will be sure to keep you posted on her progress. As soon as possible, I will create a link from my page to hers so you can experience what I am talking about for yourself. If you are on Facebook, be sure to check out Cheeky Cat Gifts and follow along with Stacy and her journey. I don't think you will be disappointed. As always, dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, inspire those around you, and of course, wash those hands.

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