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Introducing Sophia Sunshine, Who Wears Sunflowers

I have exciting news, dear reader. My bean has a new job lined up for next summer. Although she is only twelve, I believe her sunshiny personality, work ethic, and maturity impressed someone other than her parents. Miss Cari from the Ligonier Country Market invited Jordan to join the mascot team for the 2022 market season. Jordan could not be more excited about this special opportunity.

Her job will be to dress up as a cute, farm-friendly character and greet market-goers, help with the children’s corner activities, and represent the farmer’s market. She will join the ranks of Daisy Mae and Lily Lavender. Jordan and Miss Cari decided upon the name Sofia Sunshine, Who Wears Sunflowers. I believe this name fits my lovely daughter to a T. For the most part, Jordan is pure sunshine and positivity. She turns into a little black storm cloud every once in a while, but we all have a little black storm cloud in us.

Tomorrow is the big debut of Sofia Sunshine, Who Wears Sunflowers. Jordan will ride on the parade float for the farmer’s market in the Fort Ligonier Days Parade. I have had her practicing her queen wave all week, which looks more like an overly excited tweener flailing her arms in excitement, but I’ve tried. Indeed, that is also part of The Bean’s charm. What she lacks in a sophisticated wave she makes up for in her electric winning smile. She will board the float tomorrow morning and light up the parade with her smile and excitement. I’m sorry to report that I am “that mom.” I am riding in the truck pulling the float, because I am fearful I will lose my little buddy in the chaos of the day. I can’t help it; I don’t know anyone well enough to entrust the care of my girl. I am hoping the windows are tinted so nobody can see me.

Please keep your fingers crossed that her new outfit arrives on schedule today. No, I did not procrastinate and leave it until the last minute. I had an outfit planned for cold weather because it is October, and the mornings are supposed to be chilly, not in the sixties. Originally, I planned for her to wear denim bib overalls as a nod to her bib wonderful dad, with a black turtleneck sweater and a sunflower knit hat, with a sunflower pin at her neck and sunflowers painted on her face. However, now it is going to be 70+ degrees and too warm for a turtleneck. I ordered a black and white buffalo plaid shirt dress, black tights, her ankle boots, and I made her a sunflower headpiece for her hair. She is going to wear a sunflower corsage on her belt and perhaps one on her shirt collar. I received a message that her outfit has been shipped, so fingers crossed and say a prayer it arrives today. I also ordered a roll of sunflower stickers for her to hand out as she walks through the crowd. I have a feeling she’s going to love this.

I hope to see you but not have you see me at the parade tomorrow, insert wink. It is supposed to be a lovely day with only a chance of showers. If you are looking for a fun fall activity, please join us at the Fort Ligonier Days Parade and meet Sofia Sunshine, Who Wears Sunflowers. I don’t have a picture of my bean to post but look for our posts on Facebook and Instagram tomorrow for pics of my little mascot all dressed up.

It’s going to be a lovely fall weekend, my dear reader. As always, stay safe, be smart, enjoy the glorious fall weather, and keep washing your hands.

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