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Introducing Wendi Strittmatter

Today, dear reader, I would like to introduce you to our dear friend, Wendi Strittmatter. Wendi has numerous accolades attached to her name, but probably most impressive is she is Jenna’s mama. If you remember, Jenna was kind enough to help us out this summer. Eric is still missing Jenna, with her killer work ethic, ambition, wry sense of humor, and intelligence. I have dubbed Jenna Eric’s Mini-Me. Sigh, her mama should not have permitted so much unsupervised time with The Bibbed Wonder. As the summer went on, I half expected Jenna to show up wearing bibs. My apologies to Wendi for my husband’s bad influence. Until The Bibbed Wonder nurtured and supported Jenna’s proclivity to smart-ass comments, naysaying, and overall bad behavior, Jenna was nearly perfect. Her mama and dad have done an amazing job rearing a strong, independent, hard-working, thoughtful, and caring, young woman. We love the Strittmatter family.

Wendi has taken on the task of helping us out with in-person events. We are so grateful to her for all she does. It is a perfect partnership. Wendi picks and chooses the events she wants to attend; she loads up her vehicle, sets up, and acts as an ambassador for The Smiling Goat Soap Company. You may have seen her on our Facebook page, but I haven’t officially introduced her. The reason being I wasn’t sure she could tolerate working with us. If you are a frequent reader, you know what I put up with from my bib overall wearing partner. I wasn’t sure Miss Wendi could hang out with him, especially since he has created a female version of himself in their sweet Jenna. Wendi has thick skin and a great sense of humor, so she has held her own against The Bibbed Wonder’s ability to tease and create chaos.

Please allow me a brief fact check about Miss Wendi. If you have seen our Facebook posts, you may have noted Eric often refers to her as a beer-drinking, hard-rocking, soap slinging diva. For the record, Eric began this rumor because Wendi likes vintage tees of eighties hair bands. Although she enjoys an adult beverage in moderation, she is not an alcoholic party animal. She is a good time, but there isn’t always alcohol or reckless partying involved. Wendi is yet another victim of The Bibbed Wonders’s affinity for nonsense and shenanigans. Do you now understand why I have been reluctant to introduce her officially? Wendi is a trooper and puts up with him with a dismissive laugh and eye roll.

We are proud and happy to have Wendi as part of our soap family. She genuinely loves our products, stands behind them, and works hard to help our soap family grow. If you run into her at an event, be sure to say hello and admire her winning smile, great head of hair, and sparkling personality. Obviously, she is a great person if she can put up with us for any amount of time. You will be thrilled to know her. This month, she is attending several more events: one being the craft show at the Jaffa Shrine in Altoona on November 13-14. If you are in the area, stop and say hello. After all, you won’t find better company, insert wink. As always, dear reader, stay safe, be smart, welcome Wendi Strittmatter, and keep washing your hands.

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