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It's a Blunderful Life

Is anyone else losing days? I mean, I have no idea what day it is…they just blend! When Jordan is in school, I keep track of the days by her specials. Monday is computer, Tuesday is art, Wednesday is gym, etc., etc. Now, I’m in a constant state of confusion, this really is not a stretch for me but it makes it a lot more obvious that I lack the ability to track time. It really comes as no surprise that I have made a huge blunder. I was certain, would have put money on the fact that there was one more week before Easter. I realized this past Monday that I am wrong. I waited until Tuesday to act to remedy my situation only to find out there is no remedy. I have nothing for Jordan’s Easter basket. I went to several websites only to find at check out that shipping before Sunday is impossible. My little buddy still believes in The Bunny. I’m certain this will be the last year for The Bunny, The Tooth Fairy, Santa, and I dropped the ball.

I went to O’Shea’s Candy and ordered candy online. They promptly filled my order, shipped it, and it arrived today. At least, she will have candy in her basket. However, the note she wrote to The Bunny asking for Barbie surprise animals, slime (the newest obsession), and Goosebumps books isn’t going to be fulfilled. I am debating what I will tell her. The mom in me wants to keep childhood alive as long as possible. The realist in me wants to just level with her. She’s an intelligent, reasonable child, she always has been. I know she will understand that things have happened in the world that are beyond our control and we need to focus upon the fact that we are safe, healthy, have a roof over our head, food in our stomachs, and the hope of brighter tomorrows. I know all of this but my heart breaks just a little to know the child like wonder of Easter baskets and spontaneous tokens left by a magical bunny will forever be extinguished. Eric, being the constant comedian, wants to tell her The Bunny has to practice social distancing. Magical creatures are not exempt from social distancing rules and there is a travel ban in place, even for magical creatures from magical realms. Actually, now that I read it, it doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. Let her be angry with the government and the virus for the ruination of childhood magic. Not a bad idea at all. The bibbed wonder is not just eye candy.

Which brought an idea to the forefront of my brain; surely, I cannot be the only one from which time has gotten away. I have wanted to offer an order and drop service for local families for a few weeks but the bibbed wonder was fearful of my exposure to the novel virus. Jordan and I both have underlying conditions that make this situation rather fearful. He really does love me, although one would never know from the stories, comments or jokes he makes generally at my expense. Constantly. Without End. On and on and on and on…you get the picture. Again, I digress. Really though, the noise is just so constant and chronic…

Anyhow, we have decided since we have potentially ruined childhood for our little bean, that it would be a wonderful service to offer people to shop online, pay online, and have the option of picking up a much-needed gift for a loved one before the holiday. We are now able to take orders on the website with the option of farm pick up. We will have all social distancing and disinfecting protocol in place. Orders will be packed, ready to go, and handed off without anyone ever having to leave their car or exchange anything but well wishes and good thoughts. Also, it will be so nice to see other faces, even if its just through a car window and at least six feet away. Too, I am looking for reasons to get behind the wheel and change scenery. I rode to the feed mill the other day just so I could see anything other than our farm. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, I know I am blessed to live where I live, and have the life I live but almost a month of not seeing anyone but Eric, Jordan and my mother-in-law…oh yes, I’m quarantining with my mother-in-law…well, let’s just say I was ready for a break. Our scenery is much different than most of our customer’s scenery so coming to the farm is a nice option as well.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little glimpse into my blunderful life, my thought process, and my little farm-based business. If there is anything, we can do to make this easier for anyone, please know we are more than happy to make every effort to help. We are indeed in this together, so stay strong, stay safe, show appreciation, and wash your hands.

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